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Actuarial Assessment of Compensation Payable to the Personal Injury Victims in Maritime AccidentsChan, FWH2001128
Animal Law in AsiaWhitfort, AS2008165
Animal Welfare Law in Hong KongWhitfort, AS2008144
Bilingualism: Where Are We Heading?Cheung, ETM199999
Burdens of Proof, Possession of Imitation Firearms and Dangerous Drugs'Whitfort, AS2006105
Business and Human Rights in ASEANAslam, FA; Nolan, J201223
The case for (and against) compulsory court-annexed mediation in Hong KongMeggitt, G2008253
The CFA and civil procedureMeggitt, G201091
Changing Perceptions of Lawyers in Hong Kong Movies and Television Dramas: An Interdisciplinary StudyWu, RWS; Leung, GLK201175
Charge over Book Debts - What Security Do We Have?'Young, JYK200379
China's New Animal Cruelty LegislationWhitfort, AS201246
A comparative Study of Straight Bills of LadingChan, FWH199878
Comparing the Ethical Regulation of the Legal Profession in China and JapanWu, R; Chan, KW201279
Consumer Credit Data Sharing delivered at the Personal Data & Privacy Protection SymposiumCheung, ETM2011129
The Court of Final Appeal and Land LawMerry, MJ201086
Criminal Procedure in HK and the Role of International InstrumentsWhitfort, AS200891
Defending change by the claim of tradition – Criminal court hearing of early Republican ChinaNg, MHK201257
Delivery Reliability and Logistics Dispute Resolution in ChinaChan, FWH200296
Depiction of Lawyers and Lawyers' Ethics in Hong Kong Films and Television DramaWu, RWS; Leung, GLK201173
Developing Active Learning of Skills in Professional Legal Education - from Theory to Ethnography in Hong KongChan, FWH; Chow, WS; Wu, RWS2005103
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