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Actuarial Assessment of Compensation Payable to the Personal Injury Victims in Maritime Accidents
The Fourth International Conference on Maritime Law in Greece: Liability to Pay Damages in Greek and International Maritime Law, The Piraeus Bar Association (6-9 June 2001, Greece)
Chan, FWH2001159
Animal Law in Asia
Lewis and Clark Law School.
Whitfort, AS2008194
Animal Welfare in China: New Directions
Minding Animals Conference
Whitfort, AS201276
Animal Welfare Law in Hong Kong
Chinese Acadamy of Social Sciences and RSPCA (International).
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
Whitfort, AS2008184
Ascertaining a Vessel’s Beneficial Ownership under the 1952 Arrest Convention in Hong Kong: in Common Law or Equity?
Seminar on Comparative Maritime Law, The Korea University.
Chan, FWH20143
Bilingualism: Where Are We Heading?
Forum on the Reform of the Civil Justice System, 3-4 May 1999
Cheung, ETM1999112
Burdens of Proof, Possession of Imitation Firearms and Dangerous Drugs'
Peking University/Hong Kong University Legal Research Centre Conference
Whitfort, AS2006174
Business and Human Rights in ASEAN
HKU-UNSW Symposium 2012
Aslam, FA; Nolan, J201250
The case for (and against) compulsory court-annexed mediation in Hong Kong
Asian Law Institute Conference
Asian Law Institute.
Meggitt, G2008308
The CFA and civil procedure
'Hong Kong’s Court of Final Appeal: The Andrew Li Court 1997-2010' Conference 2010
Social Science Electronic Publishing, Inc..
Meggitt, G2010117
Challenges and Opportunities in Applying the English Common Law in Asian Common Law Jurisdictions: A Case Study on Forensic Economics and Actuarial Evidence
Finance and Economics Conference 2014
Chan, FWH; Chan, WS201411
Changing Perceptions of Lawyers in Hong Kong Movies and Television Dramas: An Interdisciplinary Study
Peking U-HKU Joint Research Centre Conference, 9-10, December, 2011, Hong Kong
Wu, RWS; Leung, GLK2011100
Charge over Book Debts - What Security Do We Have?'
conference paper presented at Law Lectures for Practitioners 2003
Young, JYK2003110
A comparative Study of Straight Bills of Lading
The Third International Conference on Maritime Law, Beijing, September 23, 1998
Chan, FWH199899
Comparative study of the Communications Law and Policy Reforms in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China
59th International Communications Association (ICA) Annual Conference 2009
All Academic, Inc..
Wu, R; Leung, GLK200926
Comparing the Ethical Regulation of the Legal Profession in China and Japan
5th International Legal Ethics Conference 2012
Wu, R; Chan, KW2012131
Consumer Credit Data Sharing delivered at the Personal Data & Privacy Protection Symposium
Law & Technology Centre, Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong
Cheung, ETM2011149
The Court of Final Appeal and Land LawMerry, MJ2010107
Criminal procedure in Hong Kong and the role of international instruments
Macau International Symposium on Law and Citizenship 2008
Whitfort, AS2008111
Defending change by the claim of tradition – Criminal court hearing of early Republican China
The Conference on Origins and Transformation of Chinese Legal Modernity
Columbia University.
Ng, MHK201278
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