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1. Chair of two panelsKuah-Pearce, KE20081,083
The 117 from Kowloon: Perceptions of crime and police in Hong KongAdorjan, MC; Lee, MSY201334
2. Chair of panel and specialist discussantKuah-Pearce, KE2008190
Accomplishing Feminity Among the Girls in the Gang: The Paradoxes of Social ControlLaidler, KA; Hunt, G199875
Alcohol and Masculinity: The Case of GangsLaidler, KA; Hung, G; MacKenzie, K200266
Alcohol and Violence in the Public and Private Lives of Female Gang MembersLaidler, KA199873
Appropriating Rehabilitative Youth Justice DiscourseAdorjan, MC200971
Assembling the white cube: an ANT analysis of contemporary art spaces in BeijingTang, L201261
The "bad" and the "sick": medicalizing deviance in ChinaBakken, B2011194
The Bahá’í Community as a Global Civil Society Organization: Dynamics of Grassroots Action and International CoordinationPalmer, DA201317
The Bahá’í encounter with Western esotericism in the early 20th CenturyPalmer, DA201319
'Bodies that Travel: Citizenship Formation of ‘Money Boys’ in Urban ChinaKong, TSK2009107
The Body at the Junction of Religion and Scientism: Modernisation of Meditative Traditions in Contemporary ChinaPalmer, DA200323
Bureaucratic Justice: The Imprisonment of Mainland Chinese Women Working in the Sex IndustryLaidler, KA; Emerton, RG; Petersen, CJ200692
The business of ayurveda in the global world today: selling feminismKuah-Pearce, KE; Islam, MN2009127
Capital punishment in Asia, lessons from the People’s Republic of ChinaBakken, B201071
Carving a niche in Buddhist Philanthropy: Chinese women and transnational religious volunteerismKuah-Pearce, KE2011106
The Changing Roles of Women Officers in Public Order Policing in Hong KongHo, KK; Chu, YK2006116
Charity and Pilgrimages as Transnational Social and Religious CapitalsKuah-Pearce, KE200479
Cheap Labour Reserves & the Growth of Cities: Undocumented Migrant Workers in MacauSim, ASC2009102
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