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1683: An Offshore Perspective on Vietnamese ZenWheeler, CJ201096
American Presbyterian Mission Press at Macao (1844-1845) and its publicationsFung, KW2009129
Arakatsu Bunsaku (1890-1973) and Physics Research at Taihoku Imperial UniversityFung, KW2009138
Ascending and descending: Research on the Imagination of Flying of Zhou Meng DieLai, WY2009140
Asianism and Cold War Intellectuals: Qian Mu and Ota Kozo, 1950s-60s.Lee, PT2010122
Asianism in Cold War Hong Kong and Japan: The Case of Qian Mu and Ota KōzōLee, PT2011137
Astronomy and astral divination in early medieval JapanFung, KW2009128
Authorship and copyright of oral history: the experience of Hong KongWong, WL201196
Awkward angles: multi-frontier coordination in Mid-Qing Foreign RelationsMosca, MW2011115
Back from Golden Land: exploring migration patterns, resettlement and political mobilization of Burmese Indian repatriates in Eastern India since the 1960sEgreteau, R201287
The Banking Crisis of 1965Lee, PT201257
The Basic Law Jurisprudence of the Court of Final Appeal 1997-2009Chen, AHY2010167
The Beriberi Question in Colonial AsiaLeung, AKC201366
Between Politics and Commerce: The Sojourning Shanghai Bankers in Hong Kong, 1945-49.Lee, PT201325
Branching out: how Shanghai Commercial and Savings Bank marketed its business in the 1920s and 1930s?Lee, PT201074
The business rivalry in Shanghai during the 1920s and 1930s as viewed from the calendar postersLee, PT201090
Calendar posters and modern Chinese women, 1920s-30s)Lee, PT2012121
Can Burma Learn from India's 'Democratic Model' Comparative Reflections on India and Burma's Democratizing Dynamics and ProspectsEgreteau, R201093
The capital and business networks of Hong Kong Chinese merchant Ma Tsui Chiu: An analysis of the account booksLee, PT201181
“China Is Paradise”: Migration and Diasporic Solidarities among Burmese Muslim Traders in the Yunnan-Burma/Myanmar BorderlandsEgreteau, R2012115
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