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A Critical Study of the Meaning of 言 in the Book of Songs
The International Conference on Chinese Language Studies, Fuzhou, July 21-24, 1999
Lee, KS1999124
A Critical Study of the Shishi xing guan bu zan 石氏星官簿讚 (Star Catalogue of Master Shi [Shen, fl.370B.C.-340B.C.])
The 8th International Conference on the History of Science in China, August 23-28, 1998
Berlin University of Technology.
Fung, KW1998134
Abolition of the Secretariat by Emperor Ming Taizu
International Conference on the History of the Ming-Qing Period in Celebration of the 90th Anniversary of The University of Hong Kong
Department of Chinese, The University of Hong Kong.
Hui, CH2001178
About Writing Modern Chinese Poetry
The International Conference on Chinese Studies in the 21st Century: A New Vision (Hong Kong), organized by the Department of Chinese, HKU, etc., January 17 to January 19, 2001
Lee, KS2001157
The Academic Leader of a Generation: The Impact of Song Lian on the Joseon Dynasty
Conference on Song Lian and Jiangnan Culture
Zhan, HL201423
Adultery in Enemies Enamoured: Questions of Value, Morality, and Erotics in Late Seventeenth-Century Urban Jiangnan
Annual Conference of the Association for Asian Studies (AAS)
The Association for Asian Studies (AAS).
Wu, C201435
The Aesthetic Structures of Yuan Haowen’s Seven-syllable Poems
Yuan Haowen International Conference
Zhan, H2010123
Against Diaspora: The Sinophone as Places of Cinematic Production (keynote speaker)
“Space and Time in Chinese-Language Cinema” conference, 6 November 2010
Shih, S201062
Against Diaspora?: The Sinophone as Places of Cultural Production (keynote speaker)
4th International Conference of the United States Association of Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies, 27-29 October 2006
Shih, S200651
All Dogs Deserve to Be Beaten: Negotiating Manhood and Nationhood in Chinese TV Dramas
Chinese Masculinities on the Move: Time, Space and Cultures – An International Conference
Faculty of Arts, The University of Hong Kong.
Song, G201363
An alternate trend of teaching Chinese language
International Conference on Modern Practical Chinese Writing
Lee, KS1996152
The Ambiguity and the Teaching of Chinese Language
International Language in Education Conference, December 17-19, 1999
Tse, YK1999128
American Presbyterian Mission Press at Macao (1844-1845) and its publications
Zhuhai-Macao Cultural Forum: Zhuhai, Macao and Sino-Western Cultural Exchange in Modern China
Fung, KW2009193
Americanism and the Condition of Knowledge (keynote speaker)
"Our Euro-America" workshop, 3 June 2012
Shih, S201244
The Analysis and Teaching on Linguistic Phenomena
Cross Strait Chinese Education Academic Conference, Wuhan, April 13-16
Tse, YK2004131
An Analysis on the Word 'Qianhuo'
The First International Symposium on Chinese Language Studies, Hong Kong, March 12-14
Tse, YK2002138
The Angry Youth: Cyber-nationalism and Peformance of Masculinity
Post-Asia Film, Media and Popular Culture: The 11th Asian Cinema Studies Society International Conference
Song, G201469
Animal Words in the Book of Songs
4th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities, Hawaii, January 11-14
Tse, YK2006124
Annotating the Aporias of History: 'The International Style,' Modernism, and World Literature in the Poetry of Xi Chuan 西川
ASAP-6 Research Symposium
Klein, L201428
Annotations of Loan Words by Legge, Waley and Karlgren in Their Translations of the Shijing: An Appraisal
The International Conference on the Re-appraisal of the Shijing (Seoul) , organised by the Korean Association for Shijing Studies and the Great University of National People, Korea, November 17 to November 20, 2000
Lee, KS2000134
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