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A Critical Study of the Meaning of 言 in the Book of SongsLee, KS199999
A Critical Study of the Shishi xing guan bu zan 石氏星官簿讚 (Star Catalogue of Master Shi [Shen, fl.370B.C.-340B.C.])Fung, KW199895
Abolition of the Secretariat by Emperor Ming TaizuHui, CH2001113
About Writing Modern Chinese PoetryLee, KS2001112
The Aesthetic Structures of Yuan Haowen’s Seven-syllable PoemsZhan, H201064
Against Diaspora: The Sinophone as Places of Cinematic Production (keynote speaker)Shih, S201012
Against Diaspora?: The Sinophone as Places of Cultural Production (keynote speaker)Shih, S200611
An alternate trend of teaching Chinese languageLee, KS199695
The Ambiguity and the Teaching of Chinese LanguageTse, YK199983
American Presbyterian Mission Press at Macao (1844-1845) and its publicationsFung, KW2009129
Americanism and the Condition of Knowledge (keynote speaker)Shih, S201211
The Analysis and Teaching on Linguistic PhenomenaTse, YK200490
An Analysis on the Word 'Qianhuo'Tse, YK200289
Animal Words in the Book of SongsTse, YK200681
Annotations of Loan Words by Legge, Waley and Karlgren in Their Translations of the Shijing: An AppraisalLee, KS200094
The Annotations of Some Words in Song PoetryLee, KS200676
An Appraisal of Liang Qichao's Studies on ChuciLee, KS1998119
An Appraisal of the Use of Cantonese Lexes in Hong Kong ChineseLee, KS; Chan, YC; Tse, YK1999114
The Appreciation of Peony in Song DynastyChoi, SH201223
The appropriations of Lu Xun in Taiwan in Colonial and Early Post-war PeriodsLin, PY201129
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