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Nietzschean proposition like Nihility and will to power: a study of the poetry of Shang Qin
Taiwan Poetry
Xiamen University.
Lai, WY2010214
Narrative and deceleration: a study of the character series of the Peach Blossom Island
International Conference on Jin Yong 2009
Lai, WY2009170
Bai Juyi and Pure Land Buddhism
International Conference of Literature and Myth
National Chunghsiang University.
Lai, WY2008152
Tug-of-war with Lamentations of Spring: A Study of Yu Kwang-chung’s Time Consciousness
International Conference on Yu Guang Zhong and Chinese Literature of the Twentieth Century),
Lai, WY2008174
金庸小說的場景研究: 有關沙漠的敘述
International Conference of Recurrent Themes and Scenes 2008
Lai, WY2008194
Newsletter for research in Chinese studies
Lai, WY2008202
The Spatial Form of Bo Yang’s Fiction
2007 International Conference on Bo Yang, 2007
Lai, WY2007145
The Structure of Bo Yang’s Fiction.
2007 International Conference on Bo Yang
Lai, WY2007124
Daily Life as Seen in Su Dongpo's Poetry, as Compared to Poetry by Tao Qian and Bai Juyi
Conference on Chen Yinque and Civilization of China and Conference on Literature and Culture in the Song Period
Lai, WY2004224
The Impact of Kuriyagawa Hakuson in Modern Chinese Fiction Writing: With Special Reference to Grey Bird by Cheng Fangwu
Conference on the Interpretation of Chinese Culture and its Development, Beijing, June 24-25 2005
Lai, WY2004149
Openings and Closures in Poetry on Sickness: The Stylistic Link between Bai Juyi and Du Fu
The International Conference on the Literature of the Han and the Tang Dynasties and the Civilization of China, Xuzhou: Xuzhou Normal University, 3-4 February 2003
Lai, WY; Wong, CH2003113
Su Wei-zhen's Silent Island and the Fiction of Romance of Taiwan Women: A Comparative Study of the Stories of Amor and Psyche
Heterodoxy and Pioneers: International Conference on Chinese Language Education and The 1st International Conference on the Children's Literature and Affective Education
Lai, WY2002133
Openings and Closures in Poetry on Sickness: The Stylistic Link between Bai Juyi and Du Fu
Conference on the Literature of the Han and the Tang Dynasties and the Civilization of China and The 4th Conference on the Openings and Endings in High Tang Poetry
Lai, WY2002148
The Techniques of Su Weizhen's Short Stories: A Study of Re de Juemiei
Conference on Aesthetic and Humanity Faculty of Arts, Tong Hai University, March 10, 2001
Lai, WY2001171
The Wreck of Subject: The Contradiction of Shadow and Western culture as Shown in Su Weizhen's Chenmo zhi dao
International Conference on Subjectivity / Cultural Identity in an Age of Globalization, May 26-27, 2001
Lai, WY2001143
The Openness and Ending: A Study of Hong Kong's Poems
International Colloquium on Taiwan Literature, University of California, Santa Barbara, August 12-13, 2000
Lai, WY200094
Narration and Repetitioin: A Critique of The Travels of Lao Can
International Conference on Literature of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, April 27-28, 2000
Lai, WY2000176
Shadow of a Thinker: The Spirit in the Novels of Lu Xun and Bo Yang
International Conference on the Thought and Literary Works of Bo-yang
Lai, WY1999146
Bai Xianyong's Taibei Ren
Conference on Modern Classics of Taiwan Literature
Lai, WY1999148
Evil and Literature: A Study of Gu Zhaoshen's Poetry
International Conference on Hong Kong Literature
Lai, WY1999127
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