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讀《春秋左傳注》札記五則Sin, CY2009174
高本漢的經籍研究Sin, CY2009136
不完整的傳記──論章太炎傳Sin, CY2009163
《春秋左传读录》的评价问题Sin, CY2009217
讀《說文》記四則Sin, CY2008118
以古音研釋古文字朔義舉隅Sin, CY2008163
漢字與漢語關係研析Sin, CY2008181
〈論《春秋》“五情”──兼論“五情”與詩學之關係〉Sin, CY2008215
〈論王國維對古音學之運用〉Sin, CY2008131
饒宗頤教授古文字書藝管窺Sin, CY2008124
〈試論文字學之當代意義〉Sin, CY2007144
〈讀《與猶堂全書》'左丘明非有二人辨”小識〉Sin, CY2005158
On the ancient character of hua'Sin, CY200594
An investigation into the divergences between Du Yu's exegeses and Kong Yingda's explanatory notes on the Zuozhuan as seen in Bernhard Karlgren's Glosses on the Tso chuan'Sin, CY2005121
Furthering the study of the history of Chinese literary criticism through an investigation of the relationships between ancient Chinese discourses on poetry, music, painting and calligraphy: A new line of inquiry as proposed by Professor Zhang Shaokang'Sin, CY2004118
Legislating precepts on filial piety'Sin, CY200499
On an elusive ancient Chinese character'Sin, CY200470
A study of the zhouwen equivalent of 'mei''Sin, CY200474
Different levels of interpretation of the Chinese language'Sin, CY200369
Reflections on Ruan Yuan's exposition of the statement '進退維谷' in the light of an interpretive analysis of the phrase '文王唯谷' in the Shi lun in the Chu bamboo slips'Sin, CY2003111
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