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Academic libraries and the cloud: The HKU experience
CNKI Users Annual Meeting
Sidorko, PE2012101
Academic libraries in Sichuan, China: After the quake
Against the grain
Libraries Unlimited.
Ferguson, AW; Ko, AYW2008149
Academic Library clients and their renewed service expectations
Regional Seminar, 19 October, 2011. National Chung Cheng University, Chiayi, Taiwan
Sidorko, PE201169
Academic library collaboration: the Hong Kong perspective
Online Information and Education Conference, Suan Dusit Rajabhat University, Bangkok, 17 May, 2013
Suan Dusit Rajabhat University.
Sidorko, PE201335
Academic Library futures: pain or promise?
National Academic Libraries Seminar
Sidorko, PE2010111
The Academic Library in a knowledge rich world
2011 International Seminar on Digital Publishing and Digital Libraries
Sidorko, PE201170
Academic Library Reinvention
5th Annual Library Leadership Institute, Xiamen University, Xiamen, China
Ferguson, AW2007107
Academic library trends in Hong Kong: global and local issues
The University of Hong Kong Libraries Centenary Anniversary Conference 2012
Sidorko, PE201245
Anda Bisa Lakukan !! (You Can Do It !!)Palmer, DT2008133
Authority framework in 1.6 and CILEA's customization for The University of Hong KongBollini, A; Lam, Allen; Mornati, S; Palmer, DT2010528
Authors and the expression of how they see their world
eBooks: Paving the Way to a Better Research Experience and Output – Elsevier Seminar, 26-27 May, 2014
Sidorko, PE; O’Connor, S.V.20147
Brain drain or tap the strengths: Human resource management for the future libraries
The Academic Librarian: Dinosaur or Phoenix? Die or Fly in Library Change Management
University Library System, Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Woo, EMW200744
Bringing collections to life: discoverability in an era of knowledge transfer
Online Information and Education Conference
Sidorko, PE2009160
Bringing collections to life: discoverability in an era of knowledge transfer
iGroup China Conference
Sidorko, PE2009220
Building a 1 million e-book collection at the University of Hong Kong
Library Association of Singapore Conference
Sidorko, PE2007152
Building a service culture in a major Asian academic library
Looking back, moving forward : Asian libraries in the world of information : conference proceedings, 4th-5th November 2008, the Hong Kong Central Library
The Hong Kong Library Association.
Sidorko, PE; Woo, EMW2008133
Buka Access, Lembaga Penyimpanan (Open Access, Institutional Repositories)Palmer, DT2008180
Careers in Academic Libraries
Hong Kong Library Education and Career Forum
Hong Kong Library Association and Hong Kong Public Libraries.
Sidorko, PE2008140
Cataloguing for the world: motivation, method and madness
5th OCLC Asia Pacific Membership Conference 2013
Sidorko, PE; Lam, CSL20138
The Challenges and Opportunities Posed by Information Technology in Meeting the Needs of Today's Library Users
20th Anniversary of the Funding for the Shenzhen Library and Celebrating the Opening of the New Library, Shenzhen, China.
Ferguson, AW200690
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