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Laboratory learningChan, CKY201268
A learning design for engaging academics with online professional development modulesDoherty, I201035
Learning needs in a medical curriculum in Hong KongChan, LK; Ip, MSM; Patil, NG; Prosser, M20112,673
A learning-centred model for in-class, blended or distance learning that allows for teacher directed integration of ‘learning objects’ to support a task-based approach to learningSalter Menzo, DJ200986
Lessons from award winning teachers: implications for staff development and institutional changeSalter Menzo, DJ201090
A Literature Review Of Assessment For Community Service Type Of Experiential LearningChan, CKY2011105
Look Who's Talking: An Analysis of "Chair-Talk" in Business MeetingsBilbow, GT199838
Management competencies of women business ownersWalker, E; Webster, B2006119
Measuring Hong Kong Undergraduate Students’ Attitudes Towards Trans peopleWinter, SJ; Webster, BJ; Cheung, PKE2008150
Measuring language learning environments in secondary science classroomsWebster, BJ; Hazari, A2009101
Measuring the research experience of research postgraduate students in Hong KongZeng, M; Webster, B; Ginns, P201324
Medical school pedagogy should be culture-dependentSharma, N; Lau, WCS; Doherty, I20145
Medical Students in Early Clinical Training and Achievement Motivation: Variations According to Gender , Enrollment Status, and AgeHenning, M.A.; Krageloh, C.U.; Manalo, E; Doherty, I; Lamden, R; Hawken, S.J.201335
MEMO: A multimedia mobile phone programme to prevent depressionWhittaker, R; Merry, SN; Stasiak, K; McDowell, H; Shepherd, M; Doherty, I; Ameratunga, S; Parag, V201259
Memo—a Mobile Phone Depression Prevention Intervention For Adolescents: Development Process And Postprogram Findings On Acceptability From A Randomized Controlled TrialWhittaker, R; Merry, S; Stasiak, K; McDowell, H; Doherty, I; Shepherd, M; Dorey, E; Parag, V; Ameratunga, S; Rodgers, A2012107
Mental Health and Perceived Self-Efficacy of Medical Students: Research Findings and Implications for eLearning Support.Doherty, I; Chen, JY-13
Mobile Technologies for in-class Interaction and Assessment for LearningFok, WWT; Chan, CKY201320
Mobile technologies for in-class interaction and assessment for learningFok, WWT; Chan, CKY201327
More can mean less motivation: Applying a motivational orientation framework to the expanded entry into higher education in Hong KongKember, D; Hong, C; Ho, A; Ho, A2011151
Morphological quantification of filamentous fungal development using membrane immobilization and automatic image analysisBarry, DJ; Chan, C; Williams, GA2009146
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