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Depression prevention by mobile phone: Texting for the future?Whittaker, R; Merry, SN; Stasiak, K; McDowell, H; Shepherd, M; Doherty, I; Ameratunga, S201260
Designing for Learning: A Learning-centred Approach to Blended Course Design Based on the University of Waterloo ModelSalter Menzo, DJ200899
Developing conceptions of teaching and the scholarship of teaching through a Graduate Certificate in Higher EducationGinns, P; Kitay, J; Prosser, MT2008140
Developing sustainable feedback practicesCarless, D; Salter, D; Yang, M; Lam, J2011247
Developing the sense of moral self through volunteering: experiences of Hong Kong undergraduatesYang, M; Webster, BJ; Chau, AWL201096
Development and validation of questionnaires on postgraduate learning experiences in the Hong Kong contextZeng, M; Webster, BJ2011113
Differences between Chinese and New Zealand students: the impact of the statistical methodShulruf, B; Zeng, M; Hattie, J; Watkins, DA; Fu, H2010155
The differential impact of UK accredited teaching development programmes on academics' approaches to teachingHanbury, A; Prosser, M; Rickinson, M2008119
Disciplinary Differences in Student Ratings of Teaching QualityKember, D; Leung, DYP2011150
Does the statistical technique determine the research results? A case study of cross-cultural researchShulruf, B; Zeng, M; Watkins, D; Hong, F2010115
E-Learning in Clinical Education in McKimm, J; Swanwick, T. Clinical Teaching Made EasyDoherty, I; McKimm, J201044
e-learning in clinical teachingDoherty, I; Mckimm, J201096
E-Places: Creating a Space for Exemplarary Teaching and LearningDoherty, I200643
E-portfolio Use in an Undergraduate Nursing Course: Descending into the Trough of DisillusionmentHoney, MLL; Doherty, I; Marshall, DC; McIlwain, FK201050
E-Scholars: Case Examples for Designing for LearningSalter Menzo, DJ; Pang, M; Sharma, P2009130
E-Teaching professional development: The development of a sustainable program for multi-location teachersMyers, W; Salter Menzo, DJ2007102
Ecology and population structure of the Artemia parthenogenetica population inhabiting a major saltern in Sri LankaKuruppu, MM; Ekaratne, SU199579
Educating Educators in the Constructive Use of Technologies for Teaching and LearningDoherty, I; Barrow, M201046
Educating educators in the purposeful use of Web 2.0 tools for teaching and learningDoherty, I; Cooper, P200946
eLearning: learning led and technology enabledMaxwell, I; Doherty, I; Jones, N200540
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