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Capacity Building for Sustainable eLearning DevelopmentDoherty, I; Cooper, P200749
A case study in engaging academics in research-based professional developmentDoherty, I201282
A Case Study Of Community Service Experiential LearningChan, CKY2011107
A case-study in Technology-enhanced Collaborative LearningThomson, DL; Salter Menzo, DJ; Lam, LK; Fox, RMK2012100
The Challenge of Feedback: Too little too late.Salter Menzo, DJ2008100
The challenges and opportunities for professional societies in higher education in Australasia: a PEST analysisDoherty, I; Steel, C; Parrish, D2012151
Child and Adolescent Mental Health in Aotearoa/New Zealand: An OverviewLucassen, M; Merry, S; Doherty, I200552
Communicating humanistic values through doctors’ and patients’ storiesChan, LC; Chen, J; Salter Menzo, D2009116
Communicating humanistic values: students perspectives through visual artChen, J; Chan, LC; Salter Menzo, D2009130
Comparing Scale Reliabilities: a Structural Equation Modeling approachChan, W; Kwan, J L Y; Zhao, Y201329
A comparison of learning experience of Mainland Chinese postgraduate student at Mainland China and New Zealand universitiesZeng, M; Shulruf, B; Webster, BJ2011119
A comparison of MCQ assessment delivery methods for student engagement and interaction used as an in-class formative assessmentChan, CKY; Tam, VWL; Li, CYV2011152
Considerations to evaluate equating results based on IRT calibration and equatingZhao, Y201193
Creating a learning environment to develop students’ reflection and communication about medical humanitiesSalter Menzo, DJ; Chan, LC; Chen, J2009158
Creating teaching objects: A case study of delivering recorded narrations in nursing educationLim, AG; Doherty, I; Honey, MLL2011114
Creating teaching objects: A case study of delivering recorded narrations in nursing educationLim, AG; Doherty, I; Honey, MLL2011119
Cross-cultural impression management in the multicultural workplace: The special case of Hong KongBilbow, GT199793
Curriculum Design Model for the Development of Transferable Skills for Effectively Engage Undergraduate StudentsChan, CKY2010138
Delivering Effective Distance Education Through Engaging Students in Authentic Learning Activities A Learning Design and Longitudinal Research ResultsDoherty, I201146
Delivering Effective Distance Education: Project Based Teaching For Effective LearningDoherty, I201145
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