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JEAP EditorialHyland, K2005102
The L2 acquisition of Chinese sentence final particles (SFP): How distinct are SFP-language learners from non-SFP-language learners?Tsang, WL201329
L2 acquisition of Mandarin classifiers: How distinct are classifier-language learners from non-classifier language learners?Tsang, WL201262
The L2 acquisition of nominal and verbal agreement: A comparison of Chinese learners of English with French learners of English over the interfaceTsang, WL2012107
The L3 acquisition of Cantonese reflexivesTsang, WL2008117
The L3 acquisition of Cantonese reflexivesTsang, WL2008122
The L3 Acquisition of Reflexives in Cantonese ChineseTsang, WL2008115
Language across curriculum: students' perspectives in a final year capstone project in dentistryLoong, YCW2010119
'The leading journal in its field': evaluation in journal descriptionsHyland, KL201073
'The leading journal in its field': evaluation in journal descriptionsHyland, K; Tse, P2009333
Learning English in the discipline: a report of the course implementation and challengesFong, NSN2011102
Learning how to argue in academic writing: a corpus-informed approachHo, KKL201341
Learning outcomes: the evaluation of an English in the Discipline course for fourth-year dentistry studentsCheung, LML; Loong, YCW; Tse, LK2009109
Learning to Become a Professional in a Textually-Mediated World: A Text-Oriented Study of Placement PracticesLau, K201285
Learning to write: issues in theory, research, and pedagogyHyland, KL2011116
Lessons Learnt From Understanding Students' Difficulties In English Academic WritingLoong, YCW2009129
Literacy for a new medium: Word processing skills in ESTHyland, K1990144
Literatures in English in China: Current trends and priorities of researchLam, ASL2009135
Locating relational work in call centre discourseHui, J2010110
Looking in and looking out: managing a self-access centreGardner, DP2011130
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