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I took my wind chime for a walkLam, ASL201264
“I was so angry, it was unbelievable…”: a comparison of written and spoken customer service complaintsHui, SY201042
Identifying disciplinary differences: some things a corpus can tell usHyland, KL201072
IdentitySung, CC201249
Identity in English Academic Writing as Understood by Postgraduates in the University of Hong KongLoong, YCW2009101
Identity on a virtual literary map: The experience of poets writing in EnglishLam, ASL; Tse, YN201154
(Im)politeness and disagreement in two Hong Kong Internet discussion forumsShum, W; Lee, C201326
Immediate web-based essay critiquing system feedback and teacher follow-up feedback on young second language learners' writings: an experimental study in a Hong Kong secondary schoolLee, C; Cheung, WKW; Wong, KCK; Lee, FSL201328
Implementation of an English for General Academic Purposes Course: lessons learntLegg, MG201323
The importance of focusing on prewriting tasks for first year undergraduate students within an EAP courseLegg, MG201124
Improving student writing: roles for EAP and disciplinary facultySmyth, PD201245
In search of a genre: the evolution of pharmacy students' first drug information documentTse, LK; Wakeland, LJ201174
In-service professional development and teacher technology integrationWong, LLC200984
In-service teacher development for facilitating learner autonomy in curriculum-based Self-Access Language Learning (SALL)Lai, C2010233
Incorporating theories into a course in international business communicationChan, CSC; Hogue, TA201253
Individuality or conformity? Identity in personal and university academic homepagesHyland, KL201263
Individuality or conformity? Identity in university and personal academic homepagesHyland, KL2012102
Innovating Instruction: English in the Discipline at the University of Hong KongHyland, K201356
Innovation and change in English language educationHyland, KL; Wong, LLC201362
Innovation and change: Teacher professional development and technology integrationWong, LLC201144
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