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Aspectual marking among English and Korean learners of Mandarin ChineseTsang, WL201287
Aspectual Marking Among English And Korean Learners Of Mandarin Chinese: A Corpus-based Analysis’Tsang, WL201188
Assessing reflection and independent learning: is it a Myth?Lau, K201326
Assessing reflection in an ESP CourseLau, KK201332
Assessing Reflection: Myth or Reality?Lau, KK201323
The author repliesHyland, K2008227
Authority and invisibility: Authorial identity in academic writingHyland, K2002286
Authorship as understood by postgraduate students in a university in Hong Kong: An exploratory studyLoong, YCW2008121
Authorship as Understood by Postgraduates in the University of Hong Kong: An Exploratory StudyLoong, YCW2008145
A balancing act: developing an EAP course for music studentsWakeland, L201251
Beliefs about self-access learning: reflections on 15 years of changeGardner, David; Miller, Lindsay2010165
Beyond 'Baby English': stories of writing and the emergent writer identity of a first-year business studies undergraduate studentKwan, KPE2010185
Birds flying eastLam, ASL2008138
Boosting, hedging and the negotiation of academic knowledgeHyland, K1998328
Bridging the gap: Motivation in Year One EAP classroomsYung, KWH201286
Bridging the gap: Motivation in Year One EAP classroomsYung, KWH201326
Bridging the gap: Motivation in Year One EAP classroomsYung, KWH201281
Bringing in the reader: Addressee features in academic articlesHyland, K2001324
Building connections between language needs and subject knowledge: a pilot of an English in the discipline course in the University of Hong KongFong, NSN201092
Bundles in academic discourseHyland, K2012134
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