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A 4-year-old-girl's experience of learning French in Hong Kong : a case studyDennehy, John Anthony20134,544
Academic attribution: Citation and the construction of disciplinary knowledgeHyland, K1999333
Academic clusters: Text patterning in published and postgraduate writingHyland, K2008298
Academic culture - students and culture shockHyland, KL2012109
Academic discourseHyland, KL2011122
Academic discourseHyland, KL; Chau, MH; Handford,, M.201285
Academic discourse: English in a global contextHyland, KL200914
Academic English: Skills for SuccessChan, LHY; Chan, LSW; Legg, MG; Tsang, WL2012215
Academic evaluation: review genres in university settingsHyland, KL; Diani, G200915
The academic homepage: identity construction or brand management?Hyland, KL201360
Academic lexis and disciplinary practice: corpus evidence for specificityHyland, KL; Tse, P2009326
Acts of creative identity: Ten Asian poets writing in EnglishLam, ASL; Tse, KYN201272
Addressing the language challenge under the new academic structure in Hong Kong - implementation of the ‘English-in-the-Discipline’ initiative in the new university curriculumLee, JCY201297
All Roads Lead to the American City (Book Review)Cheung, LML2008122
An investigation into local senior secondary students' competence in English vocabulary knowledgeNg, King-hang; 伍經衡2013162
Applying a gloss: Exemplifying and reformulating in academic discourseHyland, K2007205
The art of learning and the learning of Art: linking the visual and the verbalPhillips, L201086
Articulating a visual pedagogyPhillips, L201267
Articulating a visual pedagogyPhillips, L201173
As can be seen: Lexical bundles and disciplinary variationHyland, K2008309
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