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The Range of Passive Arm Circumduction in Primates: Do Hominoids Really Have More Mobile Shoulders?Chan, LK2008106
The range of passive arm circumduction in primates: Do hominoids really have more mobile shoulders?Lap, KC200884
Researching disciplinary discourses: perspectives from applied linguistics and medical education in a second language contextStorey, AM; Tse, LK; Chan, LK; Yip, LM; Tsang, WL; Wakeland, LJ2011123
The role of interpersonal interactions in emotional regulation in medical student learningLajoie, SP; Cruz­Panesso, I; Summerside, C; Poitras, E; Hmelo­Silver, C; Wiseman, J; Lu, J; Chan, LK201329
Safety and efficacy of talonavicular arthroscopy in arthroscopic triple arthrodesis. A cadaveric studyLui, TH; Chan, LK201069
Scapular position in primatesChan, LK200653
Self-perceived preparedness for dental practice amongst graduates of The University of Hong Kong's integrated PBL dental curriculumYiu, CKY; McGrath, C; Bridges, S; Corbet, EF; Botelho, MG; Dyson, JE; Chan, LK2012205
Striking a balance between practicality and realism in developing teaching aids in anatomical education (Letter to the Editor)Chan, LK201081
Structure and mobility of the glenohumeral jointChan, LapKi199857
Survey of the local language needs for an English medical undergraduate programmeChan, LK; Tse, SK; Soo, YC201324
A systematic review on ankle injury and ankle sprain in sportsFong, DTP; Hong, Y; Chan, LK; Yung, PSH; Chan, KM2007336
Teacher Training Workshop: An Effective Way for Faculty Development in Medical SchoolWu, Z; Chan, LK; Luo, L; Wang, X2012137
Technical note: Out-of-plane angular correction based on a trigonometric function for use in two-dimensional kinematic studiesStevens, NJ; Schmitt, DO; Cole Iii, TM; Chan, LK200679
Technology triggers for caring: examining affect while learning to communicate bad news to patientsLajoie, SP; Lu, J; Hmelo-Silver, C; Cruz-Panesso, I; Ranelluccia, J; Wiseman, J; Chan, LK201265
Technology-rich learning environments to support emotional regulation: a case study of the relationship between physician regulation and patient copingLajoie, SP; Cruz-Panesso, I; Summerside, C; Kazemitabar, M; Poitras, EG; Wiseman, J; Hmelo-Silver, CE; Lu, J; Chan, LK201329
Training of professionalism in first year medical students’ encounter with cadaversChan, LK; Tipoe, GL201099
Use of the one-minute preceptor as a teaching tool in the gross anatomy laboratoryChan, LK; Wiseman, J2011119
The use of the one-minute preceptor in the gross-anatomy laboratoryChan, LK; Sharma, N201317
Using Online Digital Tools and Video to Support International Problem-based LearningHmelo-Silver, C; Khurana, CA; Lajoie, SP; Lu, J; Wiseman, J; Chan, LK; Cruz-Panesso, I201329
What else do medical graduate wish they had studied in medical schoolChan, LK; Ip, MSM; Patil, NG; Prosser, MT2010254
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