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W. M. Lowrie (1819-1847) and American Presbyterian Mission Press at MacaoFung, KW2010131
Wenzhou Christians and China’s Entrepreneurial ModernityCao, N201170
When migrant entrepreneurs meet global religion: transnational Chinese christian businesses in ParisCao, NL2010140
Why did Robert Kotewall collaborate with Japan?: The Eurasians in wartime Hong KongLee, PT201259
William Gamble (1830-1886) and JapanFung, KW2009134
Wilson, Charles EdwardPierpaoli, PG; Roberts, PM201028
Withstanding Communism: The Ho Tung Family of Hong Kong, 1946-1956Wong, SL200979
Women Practicing Medicine in Premodern ChinaLeung, AKC1999130
Women Secrets behinds their Wills: Life, Family and SocietyZheng, VWT; Wong, SL201088
'World History' means the rest of the World: ‘World History’ as a major in Chinese Colleges, 1950s-2000sLi, J201116
Wu Jim-pah and Tianjin's Early Modernisation during the Late Qing Period, 1880-1911Hui, C201089
The Yuan and Ming periodsLeung, KCA201335
Zhen Dexiu’s thought on “Regulating the family (qijia)” as reflected in The Extended Meaning of the Great Learning (Daxue yanyi)Hui, CH2010145
ネットワークと制度の間で:1920年代~1930年代の上海商業儲蓄銀行の支店網拡大Lee, PT; 今井就稔2013104
一代煙王: 利希慎Zheng, VWT; Wong, SL201194
《三字經》裡歷史時間的問題Leung, AKC1999171
中古時代教會的時間及商人的時間 (Chinese translation of "Au Moyen Age:  temps del’Eglise et temps du marchand" by J. Le Goff)Leung, AKC198997
中古時期財富與死亡的關係 (Chinese translation of "Richesse et pauvreté devant la mort du Moyen Age” by Ph. Ariès)Leung, AKC198980
中國早期電影公司的發展模式和經營問題Lee, PT201180
中國麻風病概念演變的歷史Leung, AKC1999113
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