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Makin, NormanRoberts, PM201037
Maritime subversions and socio-political formations in Vietnamese history: a look from the marginal center (mien Trung)Wheeler, CJ201180
Maritime Trade and Interactions between Zhejiang and Kyushu of Japan from Late Ming to Early Qing (In Chinese)Chin, JK201234
Maritime Traffic between Zhejiang and Kyushu of Japan in Late Ming and Early QingChin, JK201146
Marketing death: culture and the making of a life insurance market in ChinaChan, CSC2010122
Measuring Catholic faith in nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Northeast ChinaLi, J201275
Medical Ethics in ChinaLeung, AKC199761
Medical history and the question of modernity in ChinaLeung, AKC201376
Medical instruction and popularization in Ming-Qing ChinaLeung, AKC2003101
Medical Learning from the Song to the MingLeung, AKC200390
Medicine for Women in Imperial ChinaLeung, AKC200679
Meer, Küste, Fluss: Die Integration der Region Thuna-Quan und die vietnamesische Geschichte [Ocean, Coast, River: The Coastal Integration of Central Vietnam]Wheeler, CJ200985
A mid Ming watercolour navigation map recently discovered at Oxford UniversityChin, JK201184
Min-Shin jidai no chiiki elito to shakaiLeung, AKC199057
Monks, merchants, and mobility in the making of a transoceanic world: Chan missionaries to maritime East Asia, ca. 1650-1750Wheeler, CJ201068
Morality and Religiosity in China’s Post-reform Transformations: The Case of Wenzhou Christian MerchantsCao, NL200989
Morality and Religiosity in China’s Post-reform Transformations: The Case of Wenzhou Christian Merchants,”Cao, NL200980
Myanmar/Burma : secession and the ethnic conundrumEgreteau, R201274
The mystery of capital: Eurasian entrepreneurs' socio-cultural strategies for commercial success in early 20 th-century Hong KongZheng, V; Wong, SL201093
The Myth and the Rise of the Erasian Compradorial Network in Hong KongZheng, VWT; Wong, SL2010137
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