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The identities of Two Brothers: Robert Ho Tung and Walter BosmanCheng, LMCW; Wong, SL2009124
Identity, Rights and Challenges of a Burmese Muslim Diasporic Minority in Southwest China: The Rohingyas in YunnanEgreteau, R201167
Images, technology, and history: What's missing from this picture? Using visual materials in infrastructure studiesHirsh, M20118
Implicit person theories and change in teacher evaluation: A longitudinal field studyTam, KP; Pak, ST; Hui, CH; Kwan, SO; Goh, MKH2010165
In quest of modernity: Charity halls in Canton (ca.1870-1937)Leung, AKC201249
In Search of Chineseness: The Choice of the Ho SistersCheng, LMCW; Zheng, VWT200995
In the World But Not Of the World: Governing Christian Charities in Contemporary ChinaCao, N201153
India's ambitions in Burma: More frustration than success?Egreteau, R200876
Institutionalized Piracy and Maritime Trade: A Hokkien Maritime Empire in the Greater China Seas, 1620-1683Chin, JK201280
Interests, institutions and identity: the evolution of Minh Huong identity (ca. 17th-20th Centuries)Wheeler, CJ2011120
'International Human Rights Law and Domestic Constitutional Law: Internationalisation of Constitutional Law in Hong Kong'Chen, AHY2010243
International Human Rights Law and Domestic Constitutional Law: the case of Hong KongChen, AHY2009108
International organizations in education: UNESCO’s international institute for educational planningHite, S; Bray, TM201087
International Political Pulpit: Philip Lothian and the Interwar Round TableRoberts, PM201084
Interpreting Gender and Modernity in Colonial Asia: the Jiaoqi/kakke/beriberi Traditions, ca. 1860-1930Leung, AKC201264
Intra-European bargaining and the 'tower of babel' EU approach to the burmese conundrumEgreteau, R2010102
IntroductionBecker, J; Benoit, P; Cumplido, R; Prasanna, VK; Vaidyanathan, R; Hartenstein, R; Areibi, S; Bampi, S; Bergmann, N; Brebner, G; Buechner, T; Cadenas, O; Campi, F; Carro, L; Chen, N; Cheung, PYK; Dandekar, O; Diessel, O; JeanPhilippe; Diniz, P; Donlin, A; Elgindy, H; Fahmy, S; Glesner, M; Gogniat, G; Gu, Y; Guccione, S; Hariyama, M; Heinkel, U; Herkersdorf, A; Hochberger, C; Hollstein, T; Heubner, M; Jones, A; Katkoori, S; Koch, A; Kress, R; Krupnova, H; Lagadec, L; Lauwereins, R; Leong, P; Lysaght, P; Marnane, L; Mesquita, D; Moraes, F; Moreno, M; Morra, C; Morris, J; Mukherjee, A; Nakano, K; NunezYanez, J; Ors, B; Ou, J; Pardo, F; Parthasarathi, R; Patterson, C; Paulsson, K; Pionteck, T; Platzner, M; Pottier, B; Reis, R; Santambrogio, M; Sass, R; Sassatelli, G; Schaumont, P; Schmeck, H; Sezer, S; Smit, G; So, H; Sutter, G; Tanougast, C; Teich, J; Tessier, R; Thomas, D; Torres, L; Trahan, J; Torresen, J; Valderrama, C; Vanderbauwhede, W; Vasilko, M; Veale, B; Vorbach, M; Waldschmidt, K; Wehn, N2011104
The Introduction of Segregation in Modern China:  The Case of LeprosariaLeung, AKC200558
Introduction to Chinese CultureSi, CM; Si, YC2011107
Introduction: Chinese kinship metamorphosesBrandtstädter, S; Santos, GD200821
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