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Back from Golden Land: exploring migration patterns, resettlement and political mobilization of Burmese Indian repatriates in Eastern India since the 1960sEgreteau, R201288
Bajpai, Girja ShankarRoberts, PM201040
The Banking Crisis of 1965Lee, PT201257
The Basic Law Jurisprudence of the Court of Final Appeal 1997-2009Chen, AHY2010167
Bebler, AlesRoberts, PM201034
Berendsen, Sir Carl AugustRoberts, PM201046
The Beriberi Question in Colonial AsiaLeung, AKC201366
Between Politics and Commerce: The Sojourning Shanghai Bankers in Hong Kong, 1945-49.Lee, PT201325
Bevan, AneurinRoberts, PM201033
Bevin, ErnestRoberts, PM201038
Birmanie : La transition démocratique selon la junteEgreteau, R200445
Birmanie: changement d’époqueCaillaud, R; Egreteau, R201331
Birmanie: la transition octroyéeEgreteau, R201287
Birmanie: Prémices d'une transition annoncéeEgreteau, R; Tournier, A201298
Birmanie: Réformes et transition: Glasnost sans PerestroïkaEgreteau, R201327
The birth of physical anthropology in late imperial PortugalSantos, G201224
The birth of the modern Chinese hospitalLeung, AKC201336
Bohlen, Charles EustisRoberts, PM201047
Book Review on "Chinese Circulations: Capital, Commodities, and Networks in Southeast Asia", edited by Eric Tagliacozzo and Wen-Chin ChangChin, JK201226
Book review on Chine et christianisme. Action et réaction《中國與基督教 ─ 行動與反應》 by Jacques GernetLeung, AKC1988128
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