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Evaluating the Economic Impact of Casino Liberalization in MacaoZheng, V; Hung, EPW2012260
Contrasting the Evolution of Corporate Governance: A Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation vis-à-vis Bank of East Asia Limited AnalysisZheng, VWT2011125
一代煙王: 利希慎Zheng, VWT; Wong, SL201194
香港男女在教育及工作層面的變與不變Zheng, VWT; Wong, SL2011106
The Myth and the Rise of the Erasian Compradorial Network in Hong KongZheng, VWT; Wong, SL2010137
The mystery of capital: Eurasian entrepreneurs' socio-cultural strategies for commercial success in early 20 th-century Hong KongZheng, V; Wong, SL201093
何家女子: 三代婦女傳奇Zheng, VWT; Wong, SL2010100
Status of living and network of support of the single parents families in MacauZheng, VWT; Lin, Y2010149
Religious beliefs and life experiences of Macao's residentsZheng, VWT; Wan, PS2010119
Taking-off through the stock market: the evolution of Chinese family business and Hong Kong's regional financial positionZheng, VWT; Wong, SL; Sun, WB2010112
The expansion or contraction of network: The Ho Tung compradorial familyZheng, VWT; Wong, SL2010124
Women Secrets behinds their Wills: Life, Family and SocietyZheng, VWT; Wong, SL201088
A thought on a Hong Kong Chaozhou rice merchant's Thai rice networkZheng, VWT; Wong, SL2010141
Closure and anti-closure: Study on inter-ethnic competition in the Hong Kong rice tradeZheng, V2010116
Stock market force that have transformed Hong Kong family businessesZheng, VWT; Wong, SL2010365
Chinese family business and the equal inheritance system: unravelling the mythZheng, VWT2010135
In Search of Chineseness: The Choice of the Ho SistersCheng, LMCW; Zheng, VWT200995
Unraveling the Identity Complexity of Ho Shai-laiZheng, VWT; Wong, SL2009155
From Nylonkong to Haiwankong: An ImaginationZheng, VWT; Wong, SL2009150
From Nylonkong to Haiwankong: An ImaginationZheng, VWT; Wong, SL2009155
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