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Late post-conditioning to enhance recovery after retinal ischemia in ratsRoth, S; Dreixler, JC; Shaikh, AR; Alexander, M; Marcet, MM201061
Lectin from Agaricus bisporus suppresses Akt phosphorylation and arrests cell cycle progression in primary human retinal pigment epithelial cellsCheung, YH; Lo, ACY; Wong, D; Lai, WWK201184
Letter to the editor (multiple letters) [14]Murray, DC; Christopoulou, D; Hero, M; Briggs, MC; Smith, G; McGalliard, JN; Wong, D199954
Letter to the editor [9]Kirkby, GR; Benson, MT; Callear, AB; Loo, A; Rao, GP; Wong, D; McGalliard, JN; Groenewald, C199956
Limited inferior macular translocation for the treatment of subfoveal choroidal neovascularization secondary to age-related macular degeneration (multiple letters)Wong, D; Lois, N; Pieramici, DJ; De Juna E, Jr200163
Liposome-encapsulated 0.5% 5-aminolevulinic acid with intense pulsed light for the treatment of inflammatory facial acne: A pilot studyYeung, CK; Shek, SY; Yu, CS; Kono, T; Chan, HH201179
Local anaesthesia for vitreoretinal surgery: A case-control study of 200 casesRao, GP; Wong, D; Groenewald, C; McGalliard, JN; Jones, A; Ridges, PJG199893
Localized conjunctival mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT) lymphoma is amenable to local chemotherapyYu, CS; Chiu, SI; Ng, CS; Chan, HH; Tse, RK2008118
Localized orbital amyloidosis involving the lacrimal sac and nasolacrimal ductMarcet, MM; Roh, JH; Mandeville, JT; Woog, JJ2006118
Long term intraocular tamponade with silicone oilLai, WWK; Yusof, WWK; Lo, ACY; Wong, YHI; Wong, DSH201295
Long-term drift and timolol therapy: Possible role for pulsed therapyBatterbury, M; Harding, SP; Wong, D199270
Long-term outcome after cataract extraction in patients with an attack of acute phacomorphic angle closureLai, JSM; Chan, JCH; Gangwani, RA; Lee, JWY201158
Lutein enhances survival and protects against transient focal cerebral ischemia in miceLo, ACY; Li, SY; Woo, T; Wong, D2010100
Lutein enhances survival and reduces neuronal damage in a mouse model of ischemic strokeLi, SY; Yang, D; Fu, ZJ; Woo, T; Wong, D; Lo, ACY2012162
Lutein inhibition of photoreceptor death in a rat model of retinal detachmentWoo, TTY; Li, SY; Lai, WWK; Wong, DSH; Lo, ACY2010108
Lutein protects against neuronal damages by its anti-apoptotic, anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory properties in a mouse model of ischemic strokeLo, ACY; Li, SY; Woo, T; Wong, DSH201177
Lutein protects RGC-5 cells against hypoxia and oxidative stressLi, SY; Lo, ACY2010162
Lutein rescued retinal neurons and decreased oxidative stress in a model of acute ischemia/reperfusion.Li, SY; Fu, Z; Ma, H; Jang, WC; So, KF; Wong, DSH; Lo, ACY2009116
Lycium barbarum extracts protect the brain from blood-brain barrier disruption and cerebral edema in experimental strokeYang, D; Li, SY; Yeung, CM; Chang, RCC; So, KF; Wong, D; Lo, ACY2012171
Lycium barbarum polysaccharides protects brain from ischemia/reperfusion injuryYang, D; Yeung, CM; Li, SY; Chang, RCC; So, KF; Wong, DSH; Lo, ACY2010134
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