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GDNF-secreting HEK293 cells in collagen-alginate composite gel and collagen microspheres embedded in alginate gel - New designs for drug delivery applicationsLee, M; Lo, ACY; Cheung, PT; Wong, DSH; Chan, BP2009311
Genetic deletion of aldose reductase protects the neonatal mouse retina from oxygen-induced retinopathyLo, ACY; Fu, Z; Li, SY; Wong, D; Chung, SK2010100
Genetic deletion or pharmacological inhibition of aldose reductase protects the retina in a mouse model of ischemia-induced retinopathyFu, Z; Li, SY; Chung, SK; Wong, D; Lo, ACY201256
Graefe's archives for clinical and experimental Ophthalmology: The past and the futureWong, D; Joussen, AM2012153
A guide to the removal of heavy silicone oilStappler, T; Williams, R; Gibran, SK; Liazos, E; Wong, D2008152
Hair removal with Nd:YAG laser and pneumatic skin flattening in Asian skin patients.Shek, SYN; Yeung, CK; Ho, SG; Yu, CS; Chan, NPY; Chan, HH2009159
Heavy silicone oil (densiron) and supine position in the management of massive suprachoroidal hemorrhage: Use of heavy silicone for suprachoroidal hemorrhageValldeperas, X; Elizalde, J; Romano, M; Wong, D2012146
Heavy silicone oil tamponade after failed macular hole surgery with perfluoropropane (C3F8): a report of five casesSaeed, MU; Heimann, H; Wong, D; Gibran, SK2009204
Heavy silicone oil versus standard silicone oil as vitreous tamponade in inferior PVR (HSO Study): Design issues and implicationsJoussen, AM; Kirchhof, B; Schrage, N; Ocklenburg, C; Hilgers, RD; Kirchhof, B; Joussen, AM; Hilgers, RD; Ocklenburg, C; Kirchhof, B; Hilgers, RD; Lemmen, KD; Joussen, AM; Hilgers, RD; Ocklenburg, C; BartzSchmidt, U; Bechrakis, N; Binder, S; Bornfeld, N; Bunse, A; Carlsson, JO; Crafoord, S; Dahlke, C; Dithmar, S; Engelmann, K; Eter, N; Foerster, MH; Grisanti, S; Groenewald, C; Heimann, H; Hoerauf, H; Holz, FG; Kirchhof, B; Li, X; Lommatzsch, A; Mackiewicz, J; Meireles, A; Müller, M; van Overdam, K; Pearce, I; Peperkamp, E; Rizzo, S; Roider, J; Salacz, G; Schrage, N; Schwartz, S; Shanks, G; Stolba, U; Szurman, P; Veckeneer, M; Walter, P; Wiechens, B; Wong, D; Höhne, K; Ottenberg, D; Domeier, E; Handzel, D; Klatt, C; Prinz, B; Llacer, H; Jöres, S; Kusserow, C; Yörük, E; Jungfermann, P; Krömer, I; Wrede, J; Herrmann, M; Varapi, G; Garnett, L; Hebbar, G; Lipski, A; Rindsfüser, M; Eriksson, L; Belting, C2007170
Heavy silicone oil: A "novel" intraocular tamponade agentCazabon, S; Hillier, RJ; Wong, D2011130
Heavy tamponade 1: A review of indications, use, and complicationsHeimann, H; Stappler, T; Wong, D2008101
Heavy tamponade 2 Densiron 68® in routine clinical practice: Anatomical and functional outcomes of a consecutive case seriesStappler, T; Heimann, H; Wong, D; Gibran, SK; Groenewald, C; Pearce, IA2008142
Histological findings of a choroidal neovascular membrane removed at the time of macular translocation in a patient previously treated with intravitreal bevacizumab treatment (Avastin)Gibran, SK; Sachdev, A; Stappler, T; Newsome, R; Wong, D; Hiscott, P2007155
Histopathological findings in an epimacular membrane after intraoperative use of perfluorocarbon liquidRomano, MR; Baddon, C; Heimann, H; Wong, D; Hiscott, P2010146
How to predict proliferative vitreoretinopathy: A prospective studyAsaria, RHY; Kon, CH; Bunce, C; Charteris, DG; Wong, D; Luthert, PJ; Khaw, PT; Aylward, GW2001107
IL-10 improves retinal ganglion cell survival in experimental glaucoma model via up-regulation of IGF-1 signalingChiu, K; Yeung, SC; Ho, YS; Lok, CKM; Chan, W; So, KF; Chang, RCC201088
Imaging of primary cyst of the iris pigment epithelium using anterior segment OCT and ultrasonic biomicroscopyPong, JCF; Lai, JSM2009116
Immunophenotypic shift in a case of mycosis fungoides with vitreous invasionLois, N; Hiscott, PS; Nash, J; Wong, D2000141
The impact of axial length on retinal tamponade for gas, silicone oil, and heavy silicone oil, using an in vitro modelHillier, RJ; Stappler, T; Williams, RL; Turner, GS; Wong, D2011112
Implantation of neurotrophic factor-treated sensory nerve graft enhances survival and axonal regeneration of motoneurons after spinal root avulsionChu, TH; Li, SY; Guo, A; Wong, WM; Yuan, Q; Wu, W2009171
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