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Administrative or survey data for measuring organizational performance: what's the difference?Andrews, R; Boyne, GA; Walker, RM2010323
Applying the Delphi method to housing studies: an exploration with an illustration from Hong KongTse, PSL200988
Asia and Pacific Health Transitions: Retrospect and ProspectLewis, MJ; MacPherson, KL201368
Assessing scholarship about public administration in East AsiaWalker, RM201186
Benchmarking of the health performance of residential buildings for a combined life cycle assessment, Life Cycle Costing and Health Impact Assessment tool for public housing in Hong KongWong, YHF; Amato, A; Hills, PR2008106
Between market and state: dilemmas of environmental governance in China's sulphur dioxide emission trading systemTao, J; Mah, DNY2009185
Bio Energy-Development of bioenergy technologies and policyLim, W; Mah, D201185
Bureaucratic Malaises and their Remedies in Public and Nonprofit OrganizationsJung, CS; Walker, RM; Brewer, GA201325
Can Public Managers Reduce Red Tape? The Role of Internal Management in Overcoming External ConstraintsWalker, RM; Brewer, GA2009320
Central-local relations and pricing policies for wind energy in ChinaMah, DNY; Hills, P2008156
Centralization, organizational strategy, and public service performanceAndrews, R; Boyne, GA; Law, J; Walker, RM2009403
Changing Managerial Values and Actions in Public Services: A Longitudinal Empirical AnalysisWalker, RM; Damanpour, F2008123
Charting the way ahead for research on strategic management and public service performanceBoyne, GA; Walker, RM201087
City and Regional Planning'MacPherson, KL200981
The city and the state: Historical reflections on Hong Kong's identity in transition, 1997 and beyondMacpherson, KL199773
Coastal Cities Development and Climate Change: An Asian PerspectiveHills, PR; Wang, G201168
Collaborative Governance for Sustainable Development: Wind Resource Assessment in Xinjiang and Guangdong Provinces, ChinaMah, DNY; Hills, PR201092
Combinative effects of innovation types and organizational Performance: A longitudinal study of service organizationsDamanpour, F; Walker, RM; Avellaneda, CN2009424
A comparative study of corporate social responsibility in bangladesh and pakistanNaeem, MA; Welford, R2009166
Comprehensive government in Dhaka City: the effectiveness of the provision of basic urban servicesMoinuddin, G201170
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