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1923 Toyko as a Devastated War and Occupation Zone: The Catastrophe One Confronted in Post Earthquake JapanSchencking, JC2009238
2004-2005學年度香港音樂學研究綜述與成果目錄Yang, Y200930
2005-2006學年香港音樂學研究綜述與成果目錄Yang, Y200932
The acquisition of Chinese in bilingual and multilingual contextsYip, V; Matthews, S201089
Actions, beliefs, and consequencesMcCarthy, D199860
Activation of phonological codes before access to character meaning in written ChineseTan, LH; Hoosain, R; Siok, WWT199677
Activity levels in the left hemisphere caudate-fusiform circuit predict how well a second language will be learnedTan, LH; Chen, L; Yip, V; Chan, AHD; Yang, J; Gao, JH; Siok, WT2011230
Africa-China relations in an era of globalization: the role of African trading communities in ChinaBodomo, AB2009343
The African trading community in Guangzhou: An emerging bridge for Africa-China relationsBodomo, A2010633
Agency and Other Stakes of PovertyCi, J201361
American Studies with Chinese CharacteristicsRoberts, PM2011101
Analyses of intrinsicality in terms of naturalnessMarshall, D201262
Analyzing Chinese Nationalism through the Protect Diaoyutai MovementSzeto, MM2009125
Anatomical differences and network characteristics underlying smoking cue reactivityZhang, X; Salmeron, BJ; Ross, TJ; Gu, H; Geng, X; Yang, Y; Stein, EA201185
Anterior cingulate activity during error and autonomic responseCritchley, HD; Tang, J; Glaser, D; Butterworth, B; Dolan, RJ200569
Anti-ExternalismLau, JYF201184
Art now: Beyond the contemporaryClarke, D201260
Articulation of the Kagayanen interdental approximant: An ultrasound studyMielke, J; Olson, KS; Baker, A; Archangeli, D201138
The Asian Body, the American Male and Global Hollywood: Flexible Masculinity in RUSH HOUR 1, 2, 3Marchetti, G201266
The Asian typology of English: Theoretical and methodological considerationsAnsaldo, U200974
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