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10 Years After: Hong Kong Alive & Well?Weisenhaus, D2007752
Accessing suicide-related information on the internet: a retrospective observational study of search behaviorWong, PWC; Fu, KW; Yau, SP; Ma, HH; Law, YW; Chang, S; Yip, PSF201365
Assessing Censorship on Microblogs in China: Discriminatory Keyword Analysis and the Real-Name Registration PolicyFu, KW; Chan, C; Chau, MCL201371
Avian influenza risk perception, Europe and AsiaDe Zwart, O; Veldhuijzen, IK; Elam, G; Aro, AR; Abraham, T; Bishop, GD; Richardus, JH; Brug, J2007172
Blind Spots and Doubts in Coverage of the 7.5 Xinjiang IncidentQian, G2009148
Blogs and China Correspondence: Lessons about Global Information FlowsMacKinnon, R2008178
The Booming Business of Mainland NewsChan, YY201132
Changes in reporting of suicide news after the promotion of the WHO media recommendationsFu, KW; Yip, PSF2008251
Characteristics of medical research news reported on front pages of newspapersLai, WYY; Lane, T2009198
China's Censorship 2.0: How companies censor bloggersMacKinnon, R2009143
Chinese media make breakthroughs in train collision reportingQian, G201177
Chinese State Media Global Expansion Faces ChallengesChan, YY201020
The Chronicle of a Disease Foretold: Pandemic H1N1 and the Construction of a Global Health Security ThreatAbraham, T2011111
Collaboration between the Academy and the industry to Create Win-Win SolutionsChan, YY200821
A comparative study of online suicide-related information in Chinese and EnglishCheng, Q; Fu, KW; Yip, PSF2011537
Controls on Reporting of the 60th AnniversaryQian, G200962
Controversies over National Education Offers OpportunitiesChan, YY201228
Countdown Preparations for JournalistsWeisenhaus, D200496
Deliberativeness Of Online Political Discussion---a Content Analysis Of The Guangzhou Daily WebsiteChan, YY; Zhou, X; Peng, ZM2008209
Donald Tsang Speaks with New Persona in DavosChan, YY201225
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