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A comparative assessment of different legal systems and its impact on HIV/AIDS responses: a learning point for HongKong in the unabated fight against HIV/AIDSLim, Wei Siang.; 林煒翔.2012183
A comparison of the early stages of health care voucher schemes in United States and Hong KongYeung, Ka-lam, Karen.; 楊嘉琳.2011260
A cross-sectional KAP study on health seeking behavior among lesbians/bisexuals in Hong KongWu, Yingyi; 吴颖怡2010358
A cross-sectional knowledge, attitude and practice study among women with unplanned pregnancy in Guangzhou, ChinaXie, Jingying.; 谢静颖.2011146
A literature review on healthcare volunteerismLiu, Qianfang; 刘黔芳201343
A new public-private partnership model for chronic disease management: the diabetes-patient empowermentprogrammeWong, Wai-sing, Michelle.; 黃慧星.2011271
A non-interventional epidemiologic study on incentives of blood donation and determinants of donor return behaviour in Hong KongLeung, Fung-shan, Kate.; 梁鳳珊.2011188
A qualitative study of perceptions of senior managers before and during hospital accreditationYoung, Kang, Karl.; 楊抗.2012138
A review of child and adolescent mental health services in Hong KongFang, Wing-yee.; 方頴怡.2012586
A review of factors influencing the uptake of annual influenza vaccination by older people and recommendation for policyZhang, Zheng; 张峥2012185
A review on the cost-effectiveness of preoperative methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) screeningChau, Oi-ting.; 周靄婷.2011140
A study into the association between alcohol consumption and suicidality among the adult Hong Kong populationChin, Pui-man, Queenie.; 錢佩雯.2012207
A survey of health information techology development in public hospitals Guangzhou between 2008-2010Huang, Wencai.; 黄文财.2012142
A systematic review : cost-effectiveness of health informatics adoption for health care deliveryYip, Ying-ting; 葉鎣婷201331
A systematic review of factors influencing the uptake of screening for colorectal cancer using a faecal occult blood testFong, Yuen; 方圓201347
A systematic review of impact of alcohol taxation on health and the generalization of these findings to Hong KongShen, Yan, Isabel.; 申燕.2010205
A systematic review of incident reporting systems improving patient outcomes and organizational outcomesMo, Ho-kwan.; 毛皓羣.2012274
A systematic review of interventions for HIV prevention among MSM (men who have sex with men) : what mainland China could learn from other countries?Chen, Siyu; 陈思宇201326
A systematic review of knowledge and attitudes towards HPV vaccinationamong Chinese womenTam, Ka-lai.; 譚嘉麗.2012291
A systematic review of qualitative studies on the barriers to and facilitators of adult dental service useHung, Wing-king.; 洪詠瓊.2011204
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