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Effects of presentation formats on working memory of older adultsShai, YM; Chau, AWL200411
Electroencephalography: Recent developments and applicationsChau, AWL; Chan, TC; Shek, DTL199618
Employment destination statistics 1993Hong, Rachel; Yip, Nelson; University of Hong Kong. Careers Education and Placement Centre.1993123
Employment destination statistics: 1991 first degree graduatesHong, Rachel; Lam, Patrick; University of Hong Kong. Careers Education and Placement Centre.1992126
Employment destination statistics: 1992 first degree graduatesHong, Rachel; Li, Hong-lok; Shell Hong Kong Ltd.; University of Hong Kong. Careers Education and Placement Centre.1993137
Employment destination statistics: 1992 higher degree/ certificate/diploma graduatesHong, Rachel; Li, Hong-lok; Hong Kong & China Gas Co. Ltd.; University of Hong Kong. Careers Education and Placement Centre.1993136
Employment survey of dental graduates of ...University of Hong Kong. Careers Education and Placement Centre.1999139
Engagement in the University Community: What undergraduates have to say about their first year of university?Yang, M; Chau, AWL2008160
Family variables - risks for and protection against adolescent substance abuseMok, CWY; Day, JR; Chau, AWL200012
Freshmen’s engagement in student communities of university as responsible participants – stories from the Hong Kong contextYang, M; Chau, AWL2009130
Graduate employment survey 1994.University of Hong Kong. Careers Education and Placement Centre.1994147
Hong Kong people's emotional reactions towards the return of sovereignty of Hong Kong to China in 1997Chau, AWL; Lee, HC; Lau, IYM; Chiu, CY200415
Hong Kong peoples perception of migrants from Mainland ChinaFoo, LHY; Chau, AWL; Chiu, CY199816
Ideological orientation and political transition in Hong Kong: Confidence in the futureHo, DYF; Chau, AWL; Chiu, C-Y; Peng, SQ200320
An immune inspired algorithm for solving dynamic vehicle dispatching problem in a port container terminalLee, NMY; Lau, HYK; Ko, AWY2009116
An immuno robotic system for humanitarian search and rescue (application stream)Lau, HYK; Ko, A2007103
Intelligent robot-assisted humanitarian search and rescue systemKo, AWY; Lau, HYK2009130
Interpersonal perceptions and metaperceptions of relationship closeness, satisfaction and popularity: A relational and directional analysisHo, DYF; Chau, AWL200915
Learning a procedural task with animation: A comparison between high and low visual spatial learnersTsang, HL; Chau, AWL200313
Partial analogical transfer in problem solving: Roles of centrality and orderWong, TJ; Chau, AWL200213
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