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Accounting Conservatism and Bankruptcy RiskBiddle, GC; Ma, ML; Song, FM2013269
Competing in the presence of privacy concerns: a model of the market for customer informationChellappa, RK; Sin, RG200870
Conditional Conservatism and the Cost of Equity Capital: Informational, Fundamental and Behavioral EffectsBiddle, GC; Ma, L; Wu, F.201276
Do Adoptions of International Financial Reporting Standards Enhance Capital Investment Efficiency?Biddle, GC; Callahan , CM; Hong, HA; Knowles, RL201321
Has the 'golden rule' lost its aura? Revisiting multimarket contact in the U.S. domestic airline industryChellappa, RK; Sin, RG; Sambamurthy, V201173
An investigation of the impact of promotions on across-submarket competitionKannan, PK; Yim, CK2001196
On FTC's 'Do Not Track'Sin, RG; Jia, J201269
Performance of domestic and foreign-invested enterprises in ChinaXu, D; Pan, Y; Wu, C; Yim, B2006322
Platform, meet apps: pricing and quality under cross-sided externalitiesSin, RG; Jia, J201281
Pricing strategy and technology choices: an empirical investigation of 'everyday low price' in the domestic US airline sectorSin, RG; Chellappa, RK; Siddarth, S201187
Resolving the personalization-privacy dilemma: theory and implications of a privacy-preserving contractSin, RG; Jia, J201089
The Risk Management Role of Accounting Conservatism for Operating Cash FlowsBiddle, GC; Ma, L; Song, FM201380
SOX Internal Control Deficiencies and Auditors of U.S.-Listed Chinese versus U.S. FirmsBaker, RR; Biddle, GC; O'Connor, NG2012528
Strategic implementation of 'everyday low price' in electronic markets: a study of airline pricing on the internetSin, RG; Chellappa, RK; Siddarth, S200975
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