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A metagenomic investigation of microbial consortia underpinning anaerobic digestion for renewable biogas productionWong, Ting, Mabel.; 黃婷.201389
A novel role of the E3 ubiquitin ligase as a transcription regulation in eukaryotic cell nucleusTam, Chun-yee.; 譚雋怡.2009193
A study of a purple acid phosphatase in Arabidopsis thalianaKuang, Ruibin.; 鄺瑞彬.2009185
A study of purple acid phosphatase from Burkholderia cenocepaciaYeung, Sin-lui.; 楊倩蕾.2008173
A study of putative plant phytases in Arabidopsis thalianaChan, Kam-ho.; 陳錦河2008265
A study of red tourism in China: exploring the interface between national identity construction and touristexperienceHu, Zhiyi; 胡志毅2009480
A Study on the interaction between Gadd153 mRNA and HuR protein in HeLa cells upon treatment with 4HPRLeung, Mei-chi.; 梁美姿.2008294
Age, growth, and reproductive biology of whitespotted bamboo shark (Chiloscyllium plagiosum) from Hong Kong and adjacent watersSin, Ying-tung.; 冼映彤.2009489
Anti-ageing effects of selected marine microalgae in PC12 cells and drosophila melanogasterHuangfu, Jieqiong.; 皇甫洁琼.2012304
Antioxidant and antibacterial capacities of spice and medicinal herb extracts and their potential application as natural foodpreservativesShan, Bin.; 單斌.2008494
Application of fatty acid profiles in field- and laboratory -based investigations of trophic relationships in Hong Kong wetlandChan, Ka-yee; 陳嘉儀2012126
Assessment of the effects of agricultural practices on amphibian populations in Long Valley wetlands, Hong KongMa, Chui-ying.; 馬翠盈.2012260
Baseline survey of fish juvenile assemblages in Tolo Harbour and Channel, Hong KongFok, Man-sze, Milla.; 霍敏詩2008376
Benthic infaunal community at an intertidal mudflat and molecular analysis of the dominant species Neanthes glandicincta (Polychaeta)Shen, Pingping.; 沈萍萍.2008340
Biodiversity, systematics and ecology of nematode-trapping fungi from Hong KongAung, Swe.2009442
Blood testis barrier: its biology and significance in spermatogenesisMok, Ka-wai.; 莫嘉維.2012158
Characterization of astaxanthin accumulation in green algaeXu, Simin; 徐思敏2009410
Characterization of distal and proximal regulatory elements of the human neuroglobin geneZhang, Wei; 张伟2011190
Characterization of neutralizing and receptor binding activities in human coronavirus NL63 spike proteinLam, Pui-yi.; 林佩儀.2009173
Characterization of ovarian tumor-initiating cells and mechanisms of chemoresistanceChau, Wing-ka.; 周穎嘉.201352
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