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Calculation of tunnel splitting in a biaxial spin particle with an applied magnetic fieldZhou, B; Shen, SQ; Liang, JQ2004550
Coherent mesoscopic transport through a quantum-dot embedded carbon nanotube ring threaded with magnetic fluxZhao, HK; Wang, J2004718
Early re-brightenings in GRB afterglows as signatures of low-to-high density boundaryTam, PH; Pun, CSJ; Huang, YF; Cheng, KS2005415
Mesoscopic spin-flip transport through a quantum dot system responded by ac magnetic fieldsZhao, HK; Wang, J2005433
Mesoscopic transport through toroidal carbon nanotubes threaded with a THz magnetic fluxZhao, HK; Wang, J2004587
Photon-assisted mesoscopic transport through a toroidal carbon nanotube coupled to normal metal leadsZhao, HK; Wang, J2004353
Possible TeV source candidates among the unidentified EGRET sourcesWang, W; Jiang, ZJ; Pun, CSJ; Cheng, KS2005504
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