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Assessing children's emotional responses to surgery: A multidimensional approachLi, HCW; Lopez, V2006400
Becoming a role model: The breastfeeding trajectory of Hong Kong women breastfeeding longer than 6 monthsTarrant, M; Dodgson, JE; Choi, VWK2004688
Challenges of Recruiting a Vulnerable Population in a Grounded Theory StudyChiang, Vico C; Keatinge, Diana; Williams, Ann K2001170
Characterizing learning environments capable of nurturing generic capabilities in higher educationKember, D; Leung, DYP; Ma, RSF2007209
Development and validation of a short form of the Chinese version of the State Anxiety Scale for ChildrenLi, HCW; Lopez, V2007348
Evaluation of an education programme for Chinese women receiving internal radiation for uterine cervical cancerSo, WKW; Yuen, JKT2006177
Exploring childhood immunization uptake with first nations mothers in north-western Ontario, CanadaTarrant, M; Gregory, D2003195
The frequency of item writing flaws in multiple-choice questions used in high stakes nursing assessmentsTarrant, M; Knierim, A; Hayes, SK; Ware, J2006239
Stress in women with postpartum depression: a phenomenological studyLeung, SSK; Arthur, DG; Martinson, IM2005383
Why are we still promoting breast self-examination?Tarrant, M2006232
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