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Admissible matrix formulation - From orthogonal approach to explicit hybrid stabilizationSze, KY1996288
An alternative method for continuous property measurement during depth-sensing indentationChiu, YL; Feng, G; Tang, B; Ngan, AHW2007531
Assumed strain and hybrid destabilized ten-node C degree triangular shell elementsSze, KY; Zhu, D1998679
An eighteen-node hybrid-stress solid-shell element for homogenous and laminated structuresSze, KY; Yao, LQ; Pian, THH2002467
Electric assumptions for piezoelectric laminate analysisSze, KY; Yang, XM; Fan, H2004381
A finite element approach for computing edge singularities in piezoelectric materialsSze, KY; Wang, HT; Fan, H2001311
Finite element model with continuous transverse shear stress for composite laminates in cylindrical bendingSze, KY; Chen, R; Cheung, YK1998375
Hybrid finite element models for piezoelectric materialsSze, KY; Pan, YS1999277
An improved method for the measurement of mechanical properties of bone by nanoindentationTang, B; Ngan, AHW; Lu, WW2007483
The incremental harmonic balance method for nonlinear vibration of axially moving beamsSze, KY; Chen, SH; Huang, JL2005524
Interactions of breathers and solitons in the extended Korteweg-de Vries equationChow, KW; Grimshaw, RHJ; Ding, E2005443
A micro-mechanics model for imperfect interface in dielectric materialsFan, H; Sze, KY2001348
Modelling smart structures with segmented piezoelectric sensors and actuatorsSze, KY; Yao, LQ2000675
Nonlinear fracture analysis of piezoelectric ceramics by finite element methodSze, KY; Pan, YS2001248
Numerical solutions on fracture of piezoelectric materials by hybrid elementWu, CC; Sze, KY; Huang, YQ2001226
On the relative merits of three-point integration rules for six-node trianglesSze, KY; Zhu, D1997669
Popular benchmark problems for geometric nonlinear analysis of shellsSze, KY; Liu, XH; Lo, SH2004403
Predictor-corrector procedures for analysis of laminated plates using standard Mindlin finite element modelsSze, KY; He, LW; Cheung, YK2000274
A quadratic assumed natural strain curved triangular shell elementSze, KY; Zhu, D1999305
A simple assumed strain method for enhancing the accuracy of the cubic triangular C degree plate bending elementSze, KY; Zhu, D1998244
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