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Designing CALL for learning Chinese charactersLam, HC; Ki, WW; Law, N; Chung, ALS; Ko, PY; Ho, AHS; Pun, SW2001254
Education, civic participation and identity: Continuity and change in Hong KongMorris, PJTF; Kan, FLF; Morris, E2000300
Environmental challenge and curricular responses in Hong KongStimpson, PG1997239
Environmental Education in Guangzhou in the People's Republic of China: global theme, politically determinedStimpson, PG; Wong, FBK2001204
The Ethics of Integrity: Educational Values Beyond Postmodern EthicsMason, MB2001133
From training to education: Lifelong learning in ChinaCheng, KM; Jin, X; Gu, X1999405
The metamorphosis of the 'virtuoso': Pedagogic patterns in Hong Kong primary mathematics classroomsMok, IAC; Morris, P2001147
On the pedagogy of examinations in Hong KongPong, WY; Chow, JCS2002351
One Hong Kong, two histories: 'History' and 'Chinese history' in the Hong Kong school curriculumKan, F; Vickers, E2002291
Parent-teacher conferences in a secondary schoolLeung, P; Yuen, MT2001180
Teachers as critical mediators of knowledgeMason, MB2000536
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