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Adaptation strategies of contractors in response to recessionTo, Wan-pun; 屠允彬; University of Hong Kong2009261
An analysis of fire safety legislations and fire safety management for hotels in Hong KongPoon, Tsz-ho, William; 潘子豪; University of Hong Kong2008309
An analysis of the influence of transportation improvement on residential property marketKam, Shuk-wa; 甘淑華; University of Hong Kong2009199
A better future for Mai Po?Yak, Hok-yin; 郁學然; University of Hong Kong2008267
CAD and virtual reality in constructionChan, Yu-hin; 陳汝軒; University of Hong Kong2007207
Causality study of urbanization and economic growthLo, Yet-fhang, Daniel; 羅奕宏; University of Hong Kong2007225
Commonhold as a solution to the problems of building managementChu, Chi-chung; 朱智聰; University of Hong Kong2007147
Comprehensive development area (CDA) zoning in Hong KongYau, Hoi-wan, Janice; 丘凱雲; University of Hong Kong2007295
Cooperative relationship in partnering approachSiu, Ka-yu, Paul; 蕭家裕; University of Hong Kong2007150
Crime rate and socio-economic factorsChoi, Sin-ying; 蔡倩瑩; University of Hong Kong2007230
Criteria of incorporating planning conidtions [sic] into leasesWong, Chi-han; 黃智嫺; University of Hong Kong2008125
Critical analysis of the effectiveness of green buildings in Hong Kong from the occupants' perspectiveLam, Nga-yi; 林雅儀; University of Hong Kong2007257
Determinants of safety climate among construction workers in Hong KongWong, Yat-hang; 王溢恆; University of Hong Kong2009226
Do developers allocate a larger floor area to flats with better views?Lai, Sin-ling; 黎倩玲; University of Hong Kong2007155
The effect of homogeneous retail agglomeration upstairs on rateable valuesChow, Man-ling; 周敏玲; University of Hong Kong2009412
Effectiveness of Hong Kong green building policiesLaw, Yuen-ping; 羅苑萍; University of Hong Kong2009363
The effectiveness of urban renewal in contribution to sustainable developmentHo, Tsz-in; 何芷妍; University of Hong Kong2008267
Effects of building orientation on the residential propertyLeung, Tak-shun; 梁德信; University of Hong Kong2010237
The effects of ownership forms on office leasing behaviourLeung, Cho-chiu; 梁祖昭; University of Hong Kong2010211
An emipircal [i.e. empirical] study on the impacts on residential property prices at the connection points upon bridge construction in Hong KongChan, Distinction; 陳江瑋; University of Hong Kong2010216
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