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A 1-local asymptotic 13/9-competitive algorithm for multicoloring hexagonal graphsZhang, Y; Chin, FYL; Zhu, H20091,261
1D camera geometry and its application to the self-calibration of circular motion sequencesWong, KYK; Zhang, G; Liang, C; Zhang, H2008147
2009 9th IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Cluster Computing and the Grid, CCGRID 2009: Message from the Program Co-ChairsCappello, F; Wang, CL200991
3D reconstruction using silhouettes from unordered viewpointsLiang, C; Wong, KYK2010220
The 64-bit universal RNGMarsaglia, G; Tsang, WW2004132
Absolute and asymptotic bounds for online frequency allocation in cellular networksChan, JWT; Chin, FYL; Ye, D; Zhang, Y2010144
Accountability in organizationsHui, CK; Yiu, SM; Lui, WC2007128
An adaptive algorithm for mining association rules on shared-memory parallel machinesCheung, DW; Hu, K; Xia, S2001188
Adaptive bayesian HMM for fully unsupervised chinese part-of-speech inductionZhang, L; Chan, KP201276
Adaptive density estimation using an orthogonal series for global illuminationWong, KW; Wang, W200578
Adaptive hierarchical vector quantization for image coding: new resultsZhong, Sheng; Chin, Francis; Shi, Qing Yun1995483
Adaptive Random Testing: The ART of test case diversityChen, TY; Kuo, FC; Merkel, RG; Tse, TH2010207
Adjacent nucleotide dependence in ncRNA and order-1 SCFG for ncRNA identificationWong, TKF; Lam, TW; Sung, WK; Yiu, SM2010281
Advanced Design for a Realistic Virtual BrushXu, S; Lau, FCM; Tang, F; Pan, Y2003212
Aggregate queries for discrete and continuous probabilistic XMLAbiteboul, S; Chan, THH; Kharlamov, E; Nutt, W; Senellart, P2010365
Aggregation Latency-Energy Tradeoff in Wireless Sensor Networks with Successive Inter- ference CancellationLI, H; Wu, C; YU, D; HUA, Q; Lau, FCM201318
Aggressive online deadline schedulingLam, TW; Ngan, TWJ; To, KK; Wong, PWH2004152
Aggressive transmissions of short messages over redundant pathsKao, Ben; GarciaMolina, Hector; Barbara, Daniel1994117
An algebraic approach to continuous collision detection for ellipsoidsJia, XH; Choi, YK; Mourrain, B; Wang, W2011810
An algebraic condition for the separation of two ellipsoidsWang, W; Wang, J; Kim, MS200177
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