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Aggregation and spawning in the tiger grouper, Mycteroperca tigris (Pisces: Serranidae)Sadovy, Y; Colin, PL; Domeier, ML1994128
Analysis of Pacific oyster larval proteome and its response to high-CO 2Dineshram, R; Wong, KKW; Xiao, S; Yu, Z; Qian, PY; Thiyagarajan, V201266
Cheats in a cooperative behaviour? Behavioural differences and breakdown of cooperative behaviour in aggregating, intertidal littorinids (Mollusca)Stafford, R; Davies, MS; Williams, GA201271
Cloning and characterization of a novel metallothionein gene in the green lipped mussel Perna viridisPark, TJ; Leung, PTY; Wang, Y; Leung, KMY2010174
Come rain or shine: The combined effects of physical stresses on physiological and protein-level responses of an intertidal limpet in the monsoonal tropicsWilliams, GA; De Pirro, M; Cartwright, S; Khangura, K; Ng, WC; Leung, PT; Morritt, D2011154
Coral communities of Hong Kong: Long-lived corals in a marginal reef environmentGoodkin, NF; Switzer, AD; McCorry, D; DeVantier, L; True, JD; Hughen, KA; Angeline, N; Teng Yang, T2011173
Deriving sediment quality guidelines from field-based species sensitivity distributionsLeung, KMY; Bjørgesæter, A; Gray, JS; Li, WK; Lui, GCS; Wang, Y; Lam, PKS2005165
Elemental patterns in red hind (Epinephelus guttatus) otoliths from Bermuda and Puerto Rico reflect growth rate, not temperatureSadovy, Y; Severin, KP1994449
Grazing by high-shore littorinids on a moderately exposed tropical rocky shore.Williams, GA199481
Isoform-specific responses of metallothioneins in the green-lipped mussel perna viridis after exposure to cadmium and hydrogen peroxideLeung, PTY; Park, TJ; Wang, Y; Leung, KMY2011107
Knowing when to stop: Rhythms of locomotor activity in the high-shore limpet, Cellana grata GouldGray, DR; Williams, GA2010154
Larval growth response of the Portuguese oyster (Crassostrea angulata) to multiple climate change stressorsThiyagarajan, V; Ko, GWK201298
Misinterpreting species distribution patterns: the impact of cryptic species on ecological studies and climate change predictionsChu, KH; Tsang, LM; Chan, KK; Williams, GA2010154
Molecular detection of anaerobic ammonium-oxidizing (Anammox) bacteria in high-temperature petroleum reservoirsLi, H; Chen, S; Mu, BZ; Gu, JD2010396
Mucus trail following as a mate-searching strategy in mangrove littorinid snailsNg, TPT; Davies, MS; Stafford, R; Williams, GA2011121
Non-climatic thermal adaptation: Implications for species' responses to climate warmingMarshall, DJ; McQuaid, CD; Williams, GA2010178
Plasticity in the temporal organization of behaviour in the limpet Cellana grataSantini, G; Ngan, A; Williams, GA2011200
Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) does not alter metamorphosis but changes proteome of the invasive sleeper limpet Crepidula onyxMukherjee, J; Po, BHK; Chiu, JMY; Wu, RSS; Qian, PY; Vengatesen, T201323
Reactions of Heaviside's dolphins to tagging attempts using remotely-deployed suction-cup tagsSakai, M; Karczmarski, L; Morisaka, T; Thornton, M2011118
Reproduction in an aggregating grouper, the red hind, Epinephelus guttatusSadovy, Y; Rosario, R; Roman, A199482
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