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Japanese direct investment in ChinaFung, KC; Iizaka, H; Siu, A2003123
Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese Direct Investment in ChinaFung, KC; Iizaka, H; Kim, HK; Siu, AKF200393
Made in PRD: The Changing Face of Hong Kong ManufacturersChan, KY; Choi, GSW; Siu, AKF; Wong, RYC2003137
Modes of East Asian trade and foreign direct investment: U.S. and JapanFung, KC; Iizaka, H; Siu, AKF201269
Multinational Enterprises in China, East Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe: Moving In or Moving Out?Chantasasawat, B; Fung, KC; Iizaka, H; Siu, AKF2008164
Political economy of service trade liberalization and the Doha roundFung, KC; Siu, A200898
Production Sharing In East AsiaFung, KC; Iizaka, H; Siu, AKF200793
Production sharing in Latin America and East AsiaFung, KC; Garcia-Herrero, A; Siu, AKF201269
Reviving Hong Kong's CompetitivenessSiu, AKF; Wong, RYC2004103
Service Trade Liberalization as a Development Opportunity: The Role of the World Trade OrganizationFung, KC; Siu, AKF200771
Testing Fisher hypothesis in long horizons for G7 and eight Asian countriesWong, KF; Wu, HJ2003109
United States, Japanese, and Korean FDI and intra-east Asian tradeFung, KC; Iizaka, H; Siu, A2010134
Yangtze River Delta: Retaking the Economic Center Stage (in Chinese)Jiang, JY; Lu, XW; Siu, AKF; Sun, YM; Tao, Z; Wong, RYC2007157
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