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2012 Project Resource Recovery, Reuse, Recycling and Conversion (PR4C): Hong Kong.Shih, K2012101
3D analysis of active vibration isolation using WIB in multilayered ground under vertical excitationGao, GY; Shi, G; Xiong, H; Yue, QZQ2007190
3D computation of plume-generated buoyant surface spreading by dynamic coupling of near and far field modelChoi, DKW; Lee, JHW2006148
Abstract and oral presentationYue, QZQ2004107
Accelerated forced aeration composting of solid wasteKoenig, A; Tao, GH1996317
Acceleration of Levenberg-Marquardt Training of Neural Networks with Variable Decay RateChen, TC; Han, DJ; Au, FTK; Tham, LG2003621
Accounting for steel relaxation in prestressed concrete by finite element packagesYip, HL; Au, FTK; Smith, ST2011179
Accumulation of biopolymer clusters in a submerged membrane bioreactor and its role in membrane foulingSun, F; Li, XY2008104
Accumulation of organic substances in a submerged membrane bioreactor and its influence on membrane foulingSun, F; Li, XY2009141
Accurate measurement of vertical stress distribution underneath sand columnsLiu, YY; Yeung, AT2008185
Acidogenesis of dairy wastewater at various pH levelsYu, HQ; Fang, HHP2001110
Acord-2D: A finite element interactive program for plane and axisymmetric structuresLo, SH1990119
Acoustic Emission Behaviour of Brittle Rocks under Uniaxial CompressionLiu, H; Lee, PKK; Tsui, Y; Tham, LG2000116
Adaptive constrained mesh refinement for planar finite element analysisNg, PL; Lam, YK; Du, J; Su, KL; Fung, WS2008116
Adaptive fuzzy modeling framework for characterization of subsurface contaminationLi, BaiLian; Yeung, Albert T199465
Adiabatic temperature rise of incompletely hydrated cement concreteNg, PL; Ng, IYT; Kwan, AKH2009372
Adoption of air source heat pumps for low carbon homesBurley, J; Pan, W2010104
Adoption of Just-In-Time philosophy in E&M industry to facilitate lean constructionWan, KM; Liu, TCD; Kumaraswamy, MM2006100
Adoption of mistake-proofing skills to improve construction quality and safety in infrastructure developmentWan, KM; Liu, TCD; Kumaraswamy, MM2006149
Adorption behavior of dibutyl phthalate on marine sedimentsXu, X; Li, XY2007108
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