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2D images are not sufficient for testing 3D object recognition.Hayward, WG; Pasqualotto, A2008131
8-10 month-olds do not need emotional and social cues to learn a bimodal abstract ruleMa, Y; Tseng, C201327
Access to early childhood language memoryOh, J; Jun, SA; Lee, R; Au, T201086
Accountability, Implicit Theories and Stereotypic PerceptionChan, EWM; Lam, SF200289
Acculturative stress and psychological well-being: The moderating role of coping flexibilityLui, YMJ; Cheng, C2009142
Action videogame playing can improve visual-motor control without affecting visionLi, L; Chen, R; Chen, J2012101
Action videogame playing improves visual-motor control before it improves visionChen, R; Chen, J; Li, L201287
Activation of the need for cognitive closurre and the need for inclusiveness: Its effects on outgroup derogationLam, SF; Chiu, CY; Lau, IYM200394
Active Control Of Lane Keeping Uses Optic Flow, Bearing, And Splay Angle InformationChen, J; Li, L2009151
Active Treatment with Professionals Yields Promising and Sustained Advantages for Chinese Breast Cancer Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial of Psychosocial Interventions in Hong Kong.Ho, RTH; Chan, CLW; Ho, SMY; Lee, PWH; Sham, JST; Chow, LWC; Spiegel, D2007109
Active versus flexible coping in psychological adjustment to gastrointestinal cancerCheng, C; Chan, TN; Chio, JHM; Chan, P; Chan, AOO; Hui, WM2010115
Adjustment and coping in Chinese parents of children with dyslexiaCheung, R; Lau, K; Fong, S; Lam, SF2010267
Adopted adults' access to early childhood language memoryOh, JS; Au, TKF; Lee, R; Jun, SA201327
Age-related differences in response regulation as revealed by functional magnetic resonance imagingLee, TMC; Liu, H.L; Gao, J.H200486
Aggression & Violence Among Psychotic Patients In Hong Kong – A Pilot StudyLi, FWS2006102
Aggression and violence among individuals with psychotic illnesses: A pilot studyTsang, SKM; Li, FWS2007111
Aggression and Violence among Psychotic Patients in Hong KongLi, FWS; Tsang, SKM2007113
Aging and response regulation as revealed by functional MRILee, TMC; Liu, H.L; Fang, S.Y; Fox, P.T; Gao, J.H200487
An analysis of whole classroom discourse in writing lessons and educational outcomes.Lam, SF; Law, YK; Shum, MSK200693
Angioplasty and stenting of extracranial cerebral arteries for prevention of strokesHo, DSW; Chen, WH; Ho, SL; Cheung, RTF; Li, L; Cheng, SWK; Lee, TMC; Woo, C; Tam, EYW199791
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