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An acoustic investigation of the Cantonese vowels in the speech of the adult and child speakersLee, WS2005160
An analysis of the Cantonese particle maai21Luke, KK2002115
The articulatory and acoustical characteristics of the "apical vowels" in Beijing MandarinLee, WS2005180
Assessing language dominance in bilingual childrenYip, V; Matthews, SJ200465
Bilingual development and language divergenceYip, V; Matthews, SJ200170
Bilingual first language acquisition and the mechanisms of substrate influenceMatthews, SJ; Yip, V200389
Binding Relations in Mashan Zhuang: Field Notes from GuangxiBodomo, AB200595
Brain connectivity during the processing of nouns and verbs: a dynamic Bayesian network analysisQiu, D; Ngan, SSC; Tan, LH; Chan, AH; Mak, HK; Khong, PL2008124
Brain processing of Chinese and English words by early Cantonese-English bilingualsWong, S; Spinks, JA; Liu, HL; Chen, JC; Tan, LH2002148
Cantonese grammar in areal perspectiveMatthews, SJ200591
Changing forms of language and literacy in the information ageBodomo, AB; Lee, KM2001152
Children's future decoding skills using behavioral, functional and structural neuroimaging measuresHoeft, F; Ueno, T; Hernandez, A; Meyler, A; Keller, T; Martindale, J; Taylor-Hill, H; McMillon, G; Siok, WT; Deutsch, G; Mazaika, P; Jo, B; Whitfield-Gabrieli, S; Glover, G; Reiss, A; Just, M; Gabrieli, J200696
Chinese named entity recognition as known word taggingFu, G; Luke, KK200468
Chinese reading difficulty characterized by functional disconnection of orthographic and phonological systems in the brainSiok, WT; Tan, LH; Jin, Z; Dong, Q; Spinks, JA; Leong, CK; Perfetti, CA200389
Chinese text chunking using lexicalized HMMSFu, GH; Xu, RF; Luke, KK; Lu, Q2005189
Chinese unknown word identification as known word taggingFu, GH; Luke, KK2004256
Chinese unknown word identification using class-based LMFu, G; Luke, KK2004121
Chinese unknown word identification using class-based LMFu, G; Luke, KK200575
Communicating in an Age of Information TechnologyBodomo, AB200493
Communicating in the Age of Information Technology: New Forms of Language and Literacy and their Education ImplicationsBodomo, AB200294
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