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Validating graft and standard liver size predictions in right liver living donor liver transplantationChan, SC201066
Validating graft and standard liver size predictions in right liver living donor liver transplantationChan, SC; Lo, CM; Wong, Y; Ng, KKC; Chok, SH; Fan, ST200984
Validation and Application of Two Quality of Life (QQL) Instruments Specific for Local Chinese Patients with Malignant Brain TumourLeung, GKK200972
Validation of the supportive care needs survey (SCNS-SF34): the Chinese version (Ch-SCNS-SF34)Au, AHY; Lam, WWT; Kwong, A; Suen, D; Tsang, J; Yeo, W; Suen, J; Ho, WM; Yau, TK; Soong, I; Wong, KY; Sze, WK; Ng, A; Girgis, A; Fielding, R2010127
The value of emergency colonoscopy in acute large bowel obstructionChan, CW; Cheng, D; Law, WL; Ho, JWC; Chu, KW199793
The value of flexible sigmoidoscopy in 1394 Chinese patientsChoi, HK; Chu, KW; Ho, JWC; Chan, CW; Law, WL199768
The value of gastrografin in adhesive small bowel obstruction after unsuccessful conservative treatment: a prospective evaluationChoi, HK; Law, WL; Chu, KW200469
Value of intra-arterial calcium stimulated venous sampling in regionalization of pancreatic insulinomasLo, CY; Chan, FL; Tam, SC; Cheng, PW; Fan, ST; Lam, KS200083
Value of live donor liver transplantation experience in major hepatectomy for hepatocellular carcinomaChan, SC; Liu, CL; Lo, CM; Fan, ST; Wong, J200378
Vanguard Debate: Outcome of LDLT is inferior in high MELD score patients (Oral Presentation)Chok, KSH201165
Variables affecting transplantation across ABO blood groupsLo, CM; Shaked, A; Drazan, K; Yersiz, H; Jurim, O; Busuttil, R199540
Variation in gene expression patterns in gastric cancer and discovery of prognostic biomarkersLeung, SY; Chen, X; Yuen, ST; Chu, KM; Mathy, J; Ji, J; Chan, ASY; Li, R; Law, S; Troyanskaya, OG; Tu, IP; Wong, J; So, S; Brown, PO200394
Varicocele: laparoscopic clipping and colour doppler ultrasound follow-upSun, N; Cheung, TT; Kwong, PL; Chan, KL; Tam, PKH200168
Vascular reconstruction in liver transplantation (Abstract)Fan, ST200748
Vascular smooth muscle cell apoptosis induced by "supercooling" and rewarmingYiu, WK; Cheng, SWK; Sumpio, BE200685
Vascular surgery - aortic surgery: 20 years onCheng, SWK200156
Vasoactive role of adrenomedullin in CC14-plus-ethanol-induced hepatic cirrhosis (Abstract)Hwang, ISS; Luk, JMC; Tan, F; Fan, ST200474
VAT Esophagectomy (Video Marathon)Law, SYK2008121
Veno-venous bypass is harmful to patients receiving right lobe live donor liver transplantation (Invited Lecture)Fan, ST; Yong, BH; Lo, CM; Liu, CL200265
Ventriculoperitoneal shunt failure and infection: a retrospective review at Queen Mary HospitalWong, PHD; Leung, G200883
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