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Family factors, depression and high-risk behaviours among Chinese adolescents in Hong KongChui, HW; Lee, AM; Lau, SMSM; Fong, DYT; Lee, PWH; Stewart, SM; Lam, TH200772
Moderating effects of family factors on the relationship between traditionality-modernity and high-risk behavioursChui, HW; Lee, AM; Fong, DYT; Lee, PWH; Stewart, SM; Lam, TH200775
The impact of traditionality and individualism on problem behaviors among Hong Kong adolescentsChui, HW; Lee, AM; Fong, DYT; Stewart, SM; Lee, PWH; Lam, TH200781
Prevalence, course and risk factors of disordered eating during pregnancy and in the postpartum periodLee, AM; Lam, SK; Lau, SMSM; Chui, HW; Fong, DYT; Kwan, CW; Chong, CSY; Tang, LCH200780
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