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Machinery considerations for collision avoidance in crowded harboursLam, WC; Bakountouzis, LN199491
Machinery constraints in modern ship propulsionBakountouzis, LN1995109
Macroscale heat transfer in nanofluidsFan, J; Wang, L2009139
Macroscopic numerical simulations of wind conditions in high-rise building clusters using a porous turbulence modelHang, J; Li, Y; Yang, L2010206
Magnetic force aided compliant needle navigation and needle performance analysisTang, L; Chen, Y; He, X200883
Major factors in rapid prototyping of mechanismsChen, Y; Chen, Z2010102
Manufacture and characterisation of a bioactive and biodegradable composite developed for bone tissue repairLiu, Y; Wang, M2005456
Manufacture and evaluation of bioactive and biodegradable materials and scaffolds for tissue engineeringWang, M; Chen, LJ; Ni, J; Weng, J; Yue, CY200173
Marangoni magneto electroconvection in a poorly conducting fluid-saturated porous layer cooled from below in the presence of the electric and magnetic fieldsRudraiah, N; Ng, CO2008101
Mass transport due to oscillatory flow through a prestressed viscoelastic tubeMa, Y; Ng, CO2010201
Mass transport due to partially reflected waves in a two-layer fluid systemNg, CO200579
Mass transport due to partially reflected waves in a two-layer viscous systemNg, CO200485
Mass transport following release of contaminated particles into a steady channel flowNg, CO200092
Mass transport in gravity waves revisitedNg, CO2004117
Mass transport in water waves over a thin layer of viscoelastic mudZhang, X; Ng, CO200679
Mass transport of non-Newtonian mud under periodic pressure forcingNg, CO; Huang, L; Chwang, ATY200388
Mass transport under waves in a two-layer fluid systemNg, CO2007110
Mass Transport Velocity of Bi-viscous Mud Under Progressive WavesNg, CO; Fu, SC2002105
Material damage by acidic air pollution in East AsiaMaeda, Y; Zhang, DN; Chen, SL; Leung, YC; Kim, ST; Mizoguchi, T; Hatakeyama, S2000105
Material damage caused by acidic air pollution in East AsiaMaeda, Y; Howang, KT; Tsujino, Y; Satoh, Y; Zhang, XD; Zhang, DN; Leung, YC200194
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