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Influence of plant canopy on katabatic windsLuo, Z; Li, Y2009395
The influences of surrounding buildings on wind pressure distribution on a high-rise buildingLuo, Z; Li, Y2008102
InGaAs/InP subwavelength grating filters for the mid-infraredBentil, EN; Li, WD; Chen, J; Ritter, AM; Chou, SY; Gmachl, CF201081
Initial contact behavior of nanograined Ni-25at. % Al film during nanoindentationLi, H; Ngan, AHW200570
Initial Contact Behavior of Nanograined Ni-25at.%Al Film During NanoindentationLi, H; Ngan, AHW2005189
Initiation of plasticity in submicron crystals: weibull-like characteristicsNgan, AHW; Wo, PC; Zuo, L2006118
Injection moulded bioactive and biodegradable composites for hard tissue repairWang, M; Liu, Y; Tang, LY200678
Innovation of energy efficient heat pumpsLeung, MKH2008147
An innovative micro-wind turbine system for harnessing wind energy in urban environmentLeung, DYC; Leung, MKH; Deng, Y2011207
Inspection of welded joints for air-tightnessCheung, KC; Chan, CW199863
Insulator-metal transition in nanostructured Ni-Al thin filmsNg, HP; Ngan, AHW2000491
Intake fraction of carbon monoxide in urban area of Hong Kong and city ventilation rates in different citiesLuo, Z; Li, Y; Nazaroff, WW2009756
Integral partitioning approach to stability analysis and stabilization of distributed time delay systemsFeng, Z; Lam, J201142
Integrated heat pump assisted desiccant dehumidifierLeung, MKH200780
Integrated heat pump for high energy efficiencyLeung, MKH; Leung, YC; Lam, HN200587
Intelligent fault diagnosis based on neurofuzzy networks for nonlinear dynamic systemsWang, Y; Chan, CW; Cheung, KC200187
Interaction of a screw dislocation with an interfacial crack in two dissimilar piezoelectric layersLiu, J; Liu, A; Jiang, ZQ; Soh, AK200395
Interaction of Gaussian beams propagating beyond the paraxial approximation with left-handed materials slabsChen, X; Soh, AK2009241
Interaction of oxygen vacancies and domain structures in Barium Titanate single crystalHong, L; Soh, AK2008190
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