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A 2-stage cumulaltive quality control chartOuyang, J; Chan, PLY2004127
A-optimal design for mixture-amount experimentsChan, PLY; Guan, Y1997103
A-optimal design for Scheffe's quadratic mixture modelChan, PLY; Guan, Y1997113
A-optimal designs for an additive quadratic mixtures modelGuan, Y; Chan, PLY1995105
ACTIVETEAM: A workflow management framework in web-based collaborative product developmentHuang, GQ; Mak, KL1998117
Actuator saturation compensation for fuzzy controllersChan, CW; Cheung, KC; Mak, KL1994117
Adaptive make-to-order strategy in distributed manufacturing supply chainsChan, HK; Chan, FTS; Samaranayake, P2005113
An adaptive ontology-mediated approach to organize agent-based supply chain negotiationWang, G; Wong, TN; Wang, X2010164
An adaptive supply chain planning framework based on forward stochastic modeling approachChau, WHD; Lau, HYK201266
Adaptive vector quantization for reinforcement learningLau, HYK; Mak, KL; Lee, SK2002116
Advanced control architecture of cable-driven robot manipulators for surface finishing tasksLau, HYK; Mak, KL; Lau, TL; Wai, CC2002113
Advancement in the twentieth century in artificial immune systems for optimization: Review and future outlookWong, EYC; Lau, HYK2009105
An age artificial immune system for order pickings in an AS/RS with multiple I/O stationsMak, KL; Lau, SK2007186
Agent based control of a flexible assembly cellFan, CK; Wong, TN200299
Agent ontology interoperability approach for MAS negotiations in virtual enterpriseWang, XH; Wong, TN; Wang, G2010207
Agent-based collaboration between distributed web applications: Case study on "collaborative design for X" using CyberCOHuang, GQ; Mak, KL200268
An agent-based framework for buyer-seller negotiations in supply chain managementWong, TN; Fang, F2006126
An agent-based framework for customer order managementWong, TN; Leung, CW2002139
An agent-based framework for partner selection with sustainability considerationsLee, LH; Wong, TN; Sun, Z201329
An agent-based intelligent FMS control systemFan, CK; Wong, TN2004109
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