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Apparatus for Noise Current Reduction in Power ConvertersLiu, CP; Poon, NK; Pong, MH2010240
High Efficiency Driver For Color Light Emitting Diodes (Led)Pong, MH; Poon, NK; Liu, CP2009252
Dimmable Ballast With Resistive Input And Low Electromagnetic InterferencePoon, N.K.; Pong, MH; Liu, CP2006266
Current Driven Synchronous Rectifier With Energy Recovery Using Hysterisis DriverPoon, NK; Liu, CP; Pong, MH2003704
Noise Canceling Apparatus For A Power ConverterPoon, NK; Liu, JCP; Liu, CP; Pong, MH2002506
Self-Driven Synchronous Rectifier By Retention Of Gate ChargeXie, XF; Xie, X; Poon, NK; Liu, JCP; Liu, CP; Pong, MH2002849
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