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Adapting a direct sunlight heliodon for indoor use with a fixed lampCheung, KP1996137
Adaptive reuse of industrial building for affordable housing in Hong KongKee, TYC201351
Airport noise in Hong KongLau, SSY1994185
Alternative rules and standards for fire services installations for Hong KongCheung, KP1997140
The alternatives to Halon fire fighting gasesCheung, KP1993158
Analysis of the microclimatic impact of greening in high rise urban built environment using site measurements and sky view image processing techniquesLau, SSY; Yang, F20081,549
Anidolic daylighting system: a sustainable daylighting technology for high-rise and high-density residential buildingsLau, SSY; Baharuddin, B2009575
Application of building energy simulation to air-conditioning designHui, SCM1998181
Application of WWW in HVAC industryHui, SCM1999185
Applying Forum Theatre as a Community Design Method: A Collaboration between Landscape Architecture and Theatre EducationChan, YLJ; Chan, YYB201318
Approaches and obstacles of Traditional Housing Conservation: A comparative study of Singapore and Hong KongJia, B1997136
Architecture & operative translation: modern program & styleSeng, E; Wee, HK200754
Architecture As A Teaching Kit In Senior High SchoolsWong, WS201317
Architecture in the education of Senior High School students: young people learning ArchitectureWong, WS201321
Architecture, Cinema, and the Language of VisionSchuldenfrei, EH2009180
Art and Architecture, invited panelist on 'Art and Architecture'Yiu, MKS2008193
An Asian Avant Garde: the Lexicon of Asian ModernityWee, HK201316
Axial Inversion: Rewrite the Transformation on Spatial Structure of Hakka’s Walled Villages in Hong and ShenzhenWang, WJ2007221
BARC - Evolutionary Green Planning in China Shanghai World Expo Organised by Neville Mars, Dynamic City Foundation Tom Verebes: Forum Panel Discussion on Caofeidian Eco-city Master PlanVerebes, TR2010235
Before Liang Sicheng: Yue Jiazao's Chinese architectural historyRoskam, C2011285
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