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Validation of the LEIT Scale for persons with learning difficultiesNg, SM; Lo, PHY; Tsui, EYL; Pan, J2007101
A Validation Study of the Chinese Brief Fatigue Inventory in Breast Cancer PatientsHo, RTH; Fong, TCT201320
Viewing and engaging in an art therapy exhibit by people living with mental illness: Implications for empathy and social changePotash, JS; Ho, RTH; Chick, JKY; Au Yeung, FSW201358
Weight management: factors affecting weight maintenance after participating in a weight loss programme, from theperspectives of people with obesityLau, So-king, Jenny.; 劉素瓊.2006275
What words can tell besides number in a randomized controlled trial: preliminary qualitative findings of a dance movement therapy program on the quality of life and symptom cluster among Chinese cancer patients undergoing radiotherapyHo, TH; Sham, T.O.T.; Lo, PHY; Cheung, KM2011107
When social support rises above all: determinants of end-of-life-treatment and long-term anxiety and depression for Chinese female cancer survivorsLo, PHY; Ho, RTH; Chan, JSM; Cheung, IKM; Chan, CLW201257
When social support rises above all: Determinants of end-of-treatment and long-term anxiety and depression for Chinese female cancer survivorsLo, HYP; Ho, RTH; Chan, JSM; Cheung, KM; Chan, CLW201261
Working with Asian migrants in New ZealandTse, SSK; Tong, K; Hong, C; Rasalingam, N201084
Working with the fear of relapse – Handling death anxiety and reconciliating for a good life.Chan, CLW; Leung, PPY200892
Workplace violence prevention in the health care sector: a holistic interventionWang, X; Ma, J; Ng, SM; Wong, PY; Leung, KT; Zhu, XY; Chan, CLW201282
Zen, Buddhism and its application in counselingNg, SM2005108
不育夫婦Chan, CHY2005105
兒童之家兒童抗逆力研究Chan, CHY2005423
四川大地震 - 社區生死教育資料(三) - 走過哀傷Chan, CHY; Tin, AF2008132
如何協助長者面對喪偶──研究對前線服務的啟示.Chan, CLW; Chan, CH2005606
川越 : 灾后心理自助手冊Ng, OKP200964
彩繪人生 : 提昇生命的七種素質Leung, KT; Ng, OKP; Wong, PY200976
從社會精神病學角度探討中醫門診於精神病診治的角色Ng, SM; Ng, HM; Tong, Y2004112
為生命喝采: 善終、善別及善生的自助旅程Chan, CLW; Chan, CHY; Tin, AF; Chan, WCH2010165
疾風知草勁Chan, CHY; Chan, CLW2007258
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