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Face-to-Face and Telephone Counseling for Problem Gambling: A Pragmatic Multisite Randomized StudyTse, SSK; Campbell, L; Rossen, F; Wang, C; Jull, A; Yan, ECW; Jackson, A201378
Facing Life and Death in Acute Care SettingsChan, CLW; Ho, AHY201377
Factor analyses of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale: a Bayesian structural equation modeling approachFong, TCT; Ho, RTH201325
Family mediation in Hong KongLam, A; Ng, SM200683
Family predictors of psychosocial outcomes among Hong Kong Chinese cancer patients in palliative care: Living and dying with the support paradoxChan, WCH; Epstein, I; Reese, D; Chan, CLW2009114
Family support can be a double-edge sword: A qualitative study on Chinese breast cancer survivors in Hong KongLeung, PPY; Chan, CLW200566
Finding Hope and Rebuilding Lives in the Wake of the Sichuan 512 Earthquake Disaster: A Case Study on Bereaved Mothers of Dujiangyan City.Sha, W; Ho, AHY; Leung, PPY; Chan, CLW2011169
Flowing the body, easing the mind, lifting the spirit –Dance Movement Therapy for improving mental health in the diverse populations.Ho, TH2008135
Fomentation of acu-points to treat 28 cases of chronic fatigue syndromeYiu, YM; Ng, SM; Chen, RL; Wang, YJ2010259
From anxiety to appreciation: Journey in cultivating competence of social workers in working with dying and bereaved persons.Chow, AYM; Tin, AF; Cheung, GYK; Chan, CLW; Chan, WCH2009105
From Obligation to Compassion: The Transformation of Filial Piety in Chinese Family Caregiving at the End-of-Life.Ho, AHY; Chan, CLW20138
From Stormy to Smooth Sail : Resilience Of Adult Children of Parents with Gambling ProblemsTsang, KMS; Chan, CLW; Chan, CHY; Ng, SM; Fu, W; Yung, WM; Poon, YC2005106
From Stormy to Smooth Sail: Resilience of Adult Children of Parents with Gambling Problems.Tsang, S.K.M; Chan, CLW; Chan, C.Y.H; Ng, SM; Fu, W; Yung, W.M; Poon, Y.C200592
From the Body to the Mind and SpiritHo, TH2009128
From the body to the mind: exercise for emotional healingChan, CLW; Yuen, LP; Wong, VPY201131
Gambling Behavior and Problems Among Older Adults: A Systematic Review of Empirical StudiesTse, SSK; Hong, SI; Wang, C; Cunningham-Williams, RM2012128
Get SET & Go - Surviving, Empowering and Transforming Goals in Spousal End-of-Life Care, Death and BereavementChan, CLW; Pon, AKL; Leung, PPY; Chan, WCH; Tin, AF; Chow, AYM; Chan, TYF; Ng, SM; Ho, AHY; Leung, AWY200797
Get SET & Go - Surviving, Empowering and Transforming Goals in Spousal End-of-Life Care, Death and Bereavement.Chan, CLW200767
Grief therapy and transformation in post-quake areasChan, CLW; Wang, X; Shi, ZB; Fan, FM; Chow, AYM200997
Group debriefing for people with chronic diseases during the SARS pandemic: Strength-Focused and Meaning-Oriented Approach for Resilience and Transformation (SMART)Ng, SM; Chan, THY; Chan, CLW; Lee, AM; Yau, JKY; Chan, CHY; Lau, J2006146
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