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Face-to-Face and Telephone Counseling for Problem Gambling: A Pragmatic Multisite Randomized Study
Research on Social Work Practice
Tse, SSK; Campbell, L; Rossen, F; Wang, C; Jull, A; Yan, ECW; Jackson, A2013139
Facing Life & Death in Acute Setting – HOW?
End-of-Life Care in Acute Care Setting Seminar
Chan, CLW; Ho, AHY; Tam, MYJ201319
Facing Life and Death in Acute Care Settings
Princess Margret Hospital End-of-Life Care in Acute Care Setting Seminar
Chan, CLW; Ho, AHY2013129
Factor analyses of the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale: a Bayesian structural equation modeling approach
Quality of Life Research
Springer Netherlands. The Journal's web site is located at
Fong, TCT; Ho, RTH201358
Factor structure of the Chinese version of the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index in breast cancer patients
Sleep Medicine
Elsevier Science. The Journal's web site is located at
Ho, RTH; Fong, TCT201421
Factors associating with caregiver identity within the family dyads: a cross-sectional study of Chinese cancer caregiving spouse
Asian Mental Health Conference 2013
Wan, AHY; Chan, HY; Yuen, LP; Lee, T; Chan, JSM; Sham, STJ; Chan, CLW201329
Factors associating with independent daily living of adults with schizophrenia in a residential rehabilitation setting: results from a cross-sectional study
WPA Regional Congress 2014
Wan, AHY; Tam, SYY; Siu, CY; Chan, CKP; Wong, CPK; Au Yeung, FSW; Ho, RTH201427
Family mediation in Hong Kong
5th International Conference on Social Work in Health and Mental Health
Lam, A; Ng, SM2006131
Family predictors of psychosocial outcomes among Hong Kong Chinese cancer patients in palliative care: Living and dying with the support paradox
Social Work in Health Care
Routledge. The Journal's web site is located at h
Chan, WCH; Epstein, I; Reese, D; Chan, CLW2009192
Family support can be a double-edge sword: A qualitative study on Chinese breast cancer survivors in Hong Kong
12th Hong Kong International Cancer Congress: 2nd Annual Meeting, Centre for Cancer Research, Faculty of Medicine, the University of Hong Kong, 8-10 December 2005, Hong Kong : [program & Abstracts].
Faculty of Medinine, the University of Hong Kong.
Leung, PPY; Chan, CLW2005130
Filial Piety and Dignity in End-of-Life Caregiving: Lived experience of Chinese families facing terminal cancer and receiving LTC care services in Hong Kong
Asia Pacific Regional Conference on End of Life and Palliative Care in Long Term Care Settings
Ho, AHY; Tam, MYJ; Chan, CLW201322
Finding Hope and Rebuilding Lives in the Wake of the Sichuan 512 Earthquake Disaster: A Case Study on Bereaved Mothers of Dujiangyan City.
Association for Death Education and Counseling: The Forum
Association for Death Education and Counseling.
Sha, W; Ho, AHY; Leung, PPY; Chan, CLW2011249
Finding Light in the Valley: Happiness Toolkit for Volunteers Working at a Suicide Hotline.
Suicide Prevention Service Volunteer Symposium
Chan, CLW; Tam, MYJ; FONG, HC201316
Finding Meaning in Suffering - Lessons From Catastrophe Management Initiative for Victims of Sichaun Earthquake.Chan, CLW; Tam, MYJ201417
Flowing the body, easing the mind, lifting the spirit –Dance Movement Therapy for improving mental health in the diverse populations.Ho, TH2008177
Fomentation of acu-points to treat 28 cases of chronic fatigue syndrome
世界中醫藥學會聯合會. The Journal's web site is located at
Yiu, YM; Ng, SM; Chen, RL; Wang, YJ2010342
From anxiety to appreciation: Journey in cultivating competence of social workers in working with dying and bereaved persons.
The 11th Joint Social Work Education Conference with the 3rd UK Social Work Research Conference, 8-10 July.
Chow, AYM; Tin, AF; Cheung, GYK; Chan, CLW; Chan, WCH2009170
From Obligation to Compassion: The Transformation of Filial Piety in Chinese Family Caregiving at the End-of-Life.
Association for Death Education and Counseling: The Forum.
Ho, AHY; Chan, CLW201360
From Stormy to Smooth Sail : Resilience Of Adult Children of Parents with Gambling Problems
First Asian and Pacific Gambling Conference. November 23-24, 2005. Hong Kong
Tsang, KMS; Chan, CLW; Chan, CHY; Ng, SM; Fu, W; Yung, WM; Poon, YC2005174
From Stormy to Smooth Sail: Resilience of Adult Children of Parents with Gambling Problems.
Advances in Problem Gambling Theory, Service and Research in the Asia-Pacific Region. (pp.154-171). Proceedings of Inaugural Asian Pacific Problem Gambling Conference 2005. Hong Kong: Tung Wah Group of Hospital and Social Welfare Practice and Research Cen
Tsang, S.K.M; Chan, CLW; Chan, C.Y.H; Ng, SM; Fu, W; Yung, W.M; Poon, Y.C2005172
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