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Calligraphy treatment of PTSD children in 2008 China earthquakesZhu, ZH; Zong, Y; Wang, XG; Tang, S; Zhang, TM; Chen, J; Yin, HL; Lam, SPW; Chan, CLW; Kao, HSR2010119
Can consumer-led mental health services be equally effective? An integrative review of CLMH services in high-income countriesDoughty, C; Tse, S2011193
Can time heal? The grief trajectory of bereaved victims of the 2008 earthquake of Sichuan, ChinaChan, CLW; Sha, W; Wang, C; Li, J; Leung, PPY; Wang, X; Ho, AHY; Shi, Z; Lau, FPY; Ho, TH2011121
Care about your care: the needs of advanced cancer patients and their caregiversYuen, YMY; Ho, AHY; Chan, CLW; Chan, WCH; Sham, MMK; Liu, RKY; Wong, KH; Yeung, RMW201093
Caring for Carers: Spiritual Transformation from Grief to Celebration of Life.Chan, CLW; Chan, T.Y.F; Tin, AF; Pon, KL; Leung, PPY; Chan, W.K.H; Chan, F; Chow, AYM200696
Challenges in operationalising spirituality for evidence-based psychosocial interventionNg, SM; Chan, CLW; Chan, HY200484
Challenges in operationalizing spirituality for evidence-based psychosocial interventionNg, SM; Chan, CLW; Chan, CHY2006161
Changes in breast cancer patients after psychosocial intervention as indicated in drawingsHo, RTH; Potash, JS; Fu, W; Wong, KPL; Chan, CLW2010289
Characteristics of suicide attempters and nonattempters with schizophrenia in a rural communityRan, MS; Xiang, MZ; Mao, WJ; Hou, ZJ; Tang, MN; Chen, EYH; Chan, CLW; Yip, PSF; Conwell, Y2005204
Chicken Soup of the Soul. Conference and Workshop on Transcending Rheumatism.Chan, CLW200475
Chinese breast cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy: role of fatigue and its influences on their quality of lifeHo, RTH; Cheung, IKM; Chan, CLW; Yip, PSF; Luk, MY; Ho, PHY201272
The Chinese Death Taboo.Chan, CLW2009253
Chinese Medicine Yangsheng and Body-Mind-Spirit WellnessNg, SM200398
The Chinese Ritual in BereavementChan, CLW; Chow, AYM2005102
Chinese traditional belief systems, livelihood and fertilityLee, GL; Chan, CHY; Hui Choi, WH; Chan, CLW2009147
Chinese traditional belief systems, livelihood and fertility.Lee, GL; Chan, CHY; Choi Hui, E.W.H; Chan, CLW2009147
Chinese widowers' self-perception of growth: An exploratory studyWoo, IMH; Chan, CLW; Chow, AYM; Ho, RTH2008135
Chinese women’s perception of self before and after cancer: What do patients’ metaphors tell us?Leung, PPY; Chan, CLW; Lo, PHY200666
A clinical trial of acupuncture for chronic fatigue syndromeYiu, YM; Ng, SM; Tsui, EYL; Chan, YL2008140
A clinical trial of acupuncture for treating chronic fatigue syndrome in Hong KongYiu, YM; Ng, SM; Tsui, YL; Chan, YL2007155
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